Jake One ft. Vitamin D, C-Note, Maneak B, & Ish – Home (video)

Yessir!  It doesn’t get any more 206 than this one.  Big shout to everyone involved in this video, many of which are my favorite folks in this industry/community.  Great to see everyone get some shine and I’m still a little disappointed I wasn’t able to hit up the shoot too.  If I remember right though, I was coaching my 6th grade select squad to some Eastside ass-whooping, so it’s all good.  Would have been nice to get a little U-District/Ravenna repping though hahaha.  The end of this song (“peace out homey!!!”) will always be a great memory, as that soundbite was taken from one of our crazy SNSS callers when Jake was in the studio one night.  Classic.

Special props to Jake, Zia, & Pinder for doing a great job with this clip.  Townbidnassmane.

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  1. Lucas says:

    Best video I’ve seen for true-blue SEA hip-hop in a long time. The film texture/filter is so true to the SEA haze and the Broadway redux at the outset is classic.

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