Nardwuar interviews/terrifies Nasir

As someone who has interviewed a lot of these folks that Nardwuar assaults, these are equal parts fascinating and horrifying to me.  They’re not really informative in the traditional sense, but at least their entertaining. I’m still waiting until he really uncovers some long lost skeletons though: “Do you remember the night you spent with a stripper in Atlanta in 1996? No? Well have we got a surprise for you…Nasir, Jr., come on in…”

I’m just glad I wasn’t the interviewer who had to go next…

Holler @ a Hyphey 🙂

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One Response to “Nardwuar interviews/terrifies Nasir”

  1. Chris says:

    No lies out my mouth, I was in Canada watching this on Canadian MTV and when he pulled out the Iron Sheik and put it on top of all those wax records he handed Nas, he just freaked out on Nardwuar (Nas asked to keep them but the crazy guy said no haha) I was dyin laughing!

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