Street Struck: The Big L Story (trailer)

I reeeeeeeally hope this gets done right and if the trailer is any indication, I think it’s in good hands.  Fun fact: Big L is my favorite MC of all-time…

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4 Responses to “Street Struck: The Big L Story (trailer)”

  1. TheBigSleep says:

    With his only living brother, Don Ice and two childhood friends making up Dangerzone Films? Yeah, I’d say he’s in good hands. Peace.

  2. Hyphen says:

    Well having the right people with the right intentions heading up a project, doesn’t mean it’s going to turn out the best with all the other factors involved – direction, editing, video/audio quality, etc.. But yeah, this trailer looks good and makes me look forward to the full project.

  3. Jay-R says:

    wuts good hyphen…man I had no idea this doc was being made so much thanks for posting the vid…I remember listening to The Big Picture when it first was released and wishin’ he was still alive and still in the game…this was when rap-city was still around and BET actually played some good rap/hip/hop…IMO Size ’em up is still one of the dopest tracks ever made…Peace

  4. Hyphen says:

    cosign man…L is my favorite MC of all time. This should be dope

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