Jay Smooth punks Michael Steele

Another excellent clip from Jay Smooth and yet another example of shockingly hypocritical behavior by a Republican.  This is all a joke right?  I feel like Ashton’s going to hop out any second and tell me that America’s been playing me on Punk’d.  These people are crazy.

Oh, and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ Steele looking like Humpty Hump.  How did I never notice that before!?!?!

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4 Responses to “Jay Smooth punks Michael Steele”

  1. Michael Steele is jealous of Obama, for sure. I wanna see what Mike’s wife looks like. Hmmm. Does he have a wife? He was probably mad cause that girl gave him a boner in the middle of his “important ass” speech.


  2. sia brazil says:

    thanks for putting this up, jay always drops a video that stays in your thoughts, he takes his craft very seriously and not as a means to add more clutter to the net….what’s up with holding a contest on here for some FE tickets? support the people who frequent the site!!! (although i do feel you do that in posting dope content, i’m just saying) random posting…but that’s what forums are for

  3. yohannes says:

    Oooohhh!!! this guy surved him… dam!!!! he has point…… i like vids like this… it makes the person look stupid when they say stupid things

  4. Restonia says:

    Love it, Love it! Like having an itch scratched just the right way. He is such an embarrassment. I’d like to hear more of Jay

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