U-N-I at Bumbershoot (Seattle, WA – 9/5/09)

(watch in better quality on HyphenTV)

Anyone who follows TAOD knows that last week marked Seattle’s annual music & arts festival, Bumbershoot.  J. Moore and I have hosted the main stage hip-hop show for the past few years, but this time around, I had the special pleasure of not only being on the “Bumberboard” that helped plan the entire event, but I even got to perform by DJ’ing for the homies U-N-I.

Thurzday and Y-O took to the Fisher Green Stage (alongside artists like Mayer Hawthorne, Janelle Monae, De La Soul, and more) to rock in front of an enthusiastic crowd. We ran through a high energy set including tracks like “Cali Soul,” “Beautiful Day,” “Land Of The Kings,” “Supreme,” “K.R.E.A.M.,” “Hollywood Hiatus,” and more.  Aside from the classicness that occurs at 1:29, the highlight has to be “Supreme.”  The kids were wylin’ out to that one and both Y-O and Thurz got some crowd surfing in.

I had a really good time all weekend, so big shouts to everyone involved: One Reel, the artists, KUBE, the homies, the new folks I met, and [Jay-Z] most importantly, you, the customer [/Hov!].  If I have time, I’ll be posting up some more footage of various Bumbershoot performances here on TAOD.  Stay tuned.

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10 Responses to “U-N-I at Bumbershoot (Seattle, WA – 9/5/09)”

  1. yohannes says:

    U-N-I Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!! man ther good… went 2 bumpershoot but didn’t c em dam…

    Nice show, I liked that lupe hook on k.r.e.a.m goes good with the wu tang 2… dam!!! i shulda been ther.
    That wus a short crowd surf by Y-O lol…., U-N-I, Knux, Pac Div and many more r the next generation of hip hop.

    thnx alot 4 posting hyphen!!!

  2. […] DJ Hyphen has just posted some footage of U-N-I hitting up the Bumbershoot festival last weekend getting all kinds of love from the crowd. Watching this video made me remember that L.A. Crowds suck, too spoiled and jaded. This rocks tho […]

  3. Sneakrhed says:

    BTW Yall needa get MURS and SLUG on the show thatd be dope , nothin Im lookin forward to more right now then Felt 3

  4. Sneakrhed says:

    Are yall bouta be givin away any Jay-Z tix on SNSS anytime soon???

    Im ready to win some more tix lol.

  5. Unfamous&Nameless says:

    Big up to U-N-I for commin out!! The Town was feelin yer shit.. and let me just say that the only heads that held Bumbershoot down Saturday was these fools and Mayer Hawthorne.. Most of the remaining line ups were wack and made me wish that I would went on Sunday or Monday instead..

    P.S. Peace to Hyphen for looping the bass line from the track “Supreme” towards the end of the set.. That ish was slappin so dirty!!


  6. Hyphen says:

    @Sneakrhed – not sure if we’ll have Jay tix…but if so, we’ll definitely do it big

    @Unfamous&Nameless – really appreciate it man…glad you enjoyed U-N-I’s performance. They killed it imo…glad you could catch it!

  7. […] J. Moore aka Jonny Tarantino on the cam, we grabbed some footage for y’all too.  Be sure to watch it here to see Thurz & Y-O tear down the Fisher Green Stage in the shadow of the Space […]

  8. […] Thurz & Y-O were in town last month for Bumbershoot, they brought this video up for the 206 fam (peep Y-O’s fresh Hawks hat) to check out.  As […]

  9. […] and it’s always a blast.  Last year, I was fortunate enough to DJ for the U-N-I homies (footage if you missed it) and this year we get J. Cole and Drizzy.  Doesn’t get much […]

  10. […] stage and it’s always a blast.  Last year, I was fortunate enough to DJ for the U-N-I homies (footage if you missed it) and this year we get J. Cole and Drizzy.  Doesn’t get much […]

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