Kanye West x Spike Jonze – We Were Once A Fairytale

This is crazy.

I don’t think anyone is on the same level as Kanye these days – musically, artistically, personally, etc..  There are a lot of different interpretations that you could pull from this short film, but I’d be interested in hearing your take.  Keep in mind, this was filmed before the MTV VMA incident and his decision to step out of the spotlight a bit.  What do you think?

Sidenote: peep the Mayer Hawthorne track playing during the “love” scene.  A-Side FTW!

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4 Responses to “Kanye West x Spike Jonze – We Were Once A Fairytale”

  1. Yohannes says:

    WOW!!… man Kanye should make his own tv show or a movie about how he was a struggeling rapper and later became overwhelmed with wealth and power, and caused him to become a alcoholic mad man!!! lol!!!! ahh drunk kanye……

  2. Chris says:

    Many truly great artists are have problems that they suffer with and sometimes go mad (Van Gogh…maybe it was the syphilis) Look at Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin etc. I think he just needs some help for his personal life (he did just lose his mother rather recently) but other than that, his music is always amazing.

  3. Eljoy says:

    What’s the name of that Mayer Hawthorne song that plays in the video? It’s memorizing.

  4. Hyphen says:

    ^^”When I Said Goodbye”

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