Hey Young World

I’m Edwin Ortiz. I’ll be helping Hyphen out with keeping this site updated, whether it be a dope mixtape, footage from concerts, or exclusive content from SNSS. Also, with the approval from Hyphen, I’ll periodically post articles that I feel warrant a discussion. In this way, readers can sound off about the current happenings of hip-hop.

Without getting into too much detail, here’s a little info about me: I’m from the Northwest, born and raised. I’m double majoring in journalism and history at the University of Washington. Along with blogging duties here, I write for HipHopDX.com and have contributed to other various sites such as KevinNottingham.com.

I look forward to building with the viewership/readership Hyphen has already received with TAOD, and I hope that this sites reach can expand through quality content and commentary.

And remember; Holla at a playa when ya see him in the streets. (c) Stuart Scott

Editor’s note: Welcome aboard Edwin! – Hyph

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5 Responses to “Hey Young World”

  1. Cathy says:

    Good to have you, Edwin!

  2. Big Lu says:

    Alright Edwin, lets do this.

  3. Yohannes098 says:

    i like the sample Fawshawn!…. used from this song!! great song classic…………….THA PATCH

  4. Chris says:

    Nice addition, I’m sure he could use a little help. This is one of my fav blogs so keep all the good freshness coming our way, we all appreciate your combined efforts. Welcome & I look forward to the future.

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