Broken Bells – The High Road (video)

Dangermouse stays winning.  Here’s the first look from his new project, Broken Bells, with the lead singer of the Shins, James Mercer.  Really looking forward to hearing this project.

And for the record, The Grey Album sucked, but I suppose we can thank it for launching DM into stardom.  Records with Jemini The Gifted One probably weren’t raking in the dough.

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2 Responses to “Broken Bells – The High Road (video)”

  1. rokithius basil says:

    for the record, i have to disagree.

  2. Wow, someone actually recognizes that the grey album sucked ass hemorroids(To those that disagree, listen to the white albulum by kno and the brown album by kev brown, then come back and tell me whatcha think)! And as dope as the record with Jemini was(‘what you sittin on’ was my shit!), you can only give props for the come up he has made since then. Much love Danger!

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