Donnis – Gone (video)

Damn, my man who doesn’t like when I post Drake stuff on the site is gonna want to skip over this one too hahah.  Not to compare the two unfairly, but Donnis does share Drake’s abilities to appeal to a nice cross-section of the hip-hop crowd.  He can rap.  He can make catchy hooks (this one is a monster).  He picks good beats.  As he references in the song…it’s a nice mixture of Kanye, T.I., ‘Kast, Jay-Z influences, combined with his own talent that shapes his sound.  I’m a fan.

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2 Responses to “Donnis – Gone (video)”

  1. Mike says:

    Dope ass video. Never really listened to him before, a little too much TI in him for me to be a huge fan, but I like the song, and the video more.

    Big Drake fan, too. Hard not to be.

  2. MD2020 says:


    The beat is ridiculous, the lyrics are nice, and the marriage of the two = a hit. Good post.

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