YahZarah – Why Dontcha Call Me No More (video)

*Dead* @ some of the faces Phonte and Nicolay were making in this video.  Awwww man.

Go support YahZarah and cop The Ballad of Purple St. James, one of the best albums of the year.

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3 Responses to “YahZarah – Why Dontcha Call Me No More (video)”

  1. MoeBetta says:

    I Likes!
    What it’s not—> Formulaic
    What it is—-> Funky

    Anything with that combination is cool in my book!


  2. Big Lu says:

    The JEM remake floored me. Fantstic and unexpected. Made me a little nostalgic. Off to retrojunk.

  3. WordEmUp456 says:

    Yo…I swear thats Geechi Suede from Camp Lo in the vid too lol

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