Kanye West – Live In Amsterdam (2004)

Seeing this clip of Kanye and John Legend Stephens performing in Amsterdam around the release of The College Dropout reminds me of my 2nd semester of senior year down in Cali.  The homey Tunji and I had been steadily following ‘Ye’s burgeoning rap career, ever since we heard the first couple of freestyles that he put on the net, and we were lucky enough to see him perform 2 shows in LA around the NBA All-Star Weekend in ’04 (right around my birthday too).  Shout to DJ Off Beat, aka Don C, for hooking it up.  Kanye even filmed the “All Falls Down” video at our local airport in Ontario, CA that week too…if only we had known Stacey Dash was in our neighborhood…

Anyway, I’ll never forget chopping it up with ‘Ye in the back of House Of Blues Anaheim and him being so happy that random dudes like Tunj and I knew all his freestyles.  He was so geeked that he started rhyming new verses a capella to a couple of college kids, just to prove that the best was yet to come.  Hanging out with one of my best friends while Kanye excitedly rapped what would become a verse on “Gold Digger” (“18 YEARS…18 YEARS!”) is one of my favorite music memories ever.

The College Dropout changed my life, real talk.

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6 Responses to “Kanye West – Live In Amsterdam (2004)”

  1. Nils / Germany says:

    I saw Kanye on Conan performing “all falls down” back then in 04 or 05, instantly bought his album and wanted to spend the 30 bucks to see him live, but sadly Berlin and Cologne seemed too far away…

    • Hyphen says:

      Ah man, you shoulda…that first tour was crazy. Thankfully there’s footage like this still around cause he did a fairly similar set back then.

  2. Casey says:

    yo i hear that phrase “album changed my life” flung around alot…i have never had that happen. in what way did it actually chang ya life?

    • Hyphen says:

      If an album has never changed your life, I don’t think you consume music the same way I do. I think that anyone who truly loves, lives, and breathes music will have their life changed.

      This particular album came out during my 2nd semester of senior year in college and played in a pivotal role in my personal and professional life. I could explain more, but it wouldn’t have any effect unless you shared those experiences…

  3. Casey says:

    well i mean totally changed my life. alot of albums have changed the way i thought . hmm guess that changin the way i act and think is my life haha. i answered my own question sorry i was being dumb. ya plenty of albums have done that to me, shit even this year…lets think Sir Lucious Left Foot… The Son of Chico Dusty, Plastic Beach, The ArchAndroid, Thank Me Later, & How I Got Over

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