Kanye West – Runaway (movie)

I could write an essay on Kanye’s Runaway film, and the ensuing debates it sparked, but what’s the point?  There will be a million analytical pieces by Monday, and none of them will be any more “right” than the others.  It’s art…and I’m really not looking forward to hearing other people tell me how to consume it.

Personally, I’m satisfied with an interesting concept, some beautiful shots & colors, and some really dope music.  The intro scene with “Dark Fantasy” and the “Devil In A New Dress” segment were flawless, though part of me wishes this was the first time I ever heard any of these songs.  That’s always been one of my least favorite aspects of the internet age and I may have to revert back to avoiding music from my favorite artists until it’s officially presented.  Even with all the live performances, interviews, and song/artwork leaks spoiling much of Runaway, I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Regardless of how you felt about it, you have to agree: no mainstream MC puts more effort and care into his music than Kanye.  Sure, it can come off pretentious at times (ok, much of the time), but he’s really trying to express something in his art and take it to new places.  He doesn’t always hit the mark, but musically, he’s never disappointed me.

A toast to Yeezy.

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  1. T says:

    Yeah, I pretty much feel the same way..

    I thought the story could of been a little more cohesive since there was a few gaps here and there but it gave it more of a mystical vibe. Obviously, West has a long way to go to perfect his directing skills but it was a good watch.

    Love to see more artists take this approach. But then again… I cant see 50′ in the club for 25 minutes with hoes dancing around without shooting myself.

    Dope review bro.

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