Helluvastate – Brain Champagne (video)

Seattle’s hip-hop scene is starting to catch on outside the PacNW and while we’re on our way, I’m also wondering how long it’ll take for other talented cats to get recognized. Helluvastate, a group formed by Taysean (of Helladope) and Thaddeus (of State Of The Artist), is a prime example. I’m not sure if Taysean and Thaddeus view their collaboration as a side project of sorts, but it’s clear that it’s a great match and worthy of far more publicity/buzz than I’m seeing for the duo.

On the low, Taysean’s production and rhyme skills might make him the most underrated cat in the town right now. Guys like him, P-Smoov, Ryan Lewis, and Budo are so ridiculously talented musically that it’s almost not fair. When they link up with dope MC’s, it’s a wrap.

Download the entire Helluvastate project, Adventures In A Helluvastate, right here.

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  2. Miss mcGuillicutty says:

    good look Mister DJ Hyphen! a new favorite!

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