Omar Aura ft. Fashawn – 1,000 Palm Trees (video)

This video gets a post for a few notable reasons:

  • One of the better opening shots I’ve seen recently.
  • Quoting the iconic “Jean Claude van Damme I’m fine!” FPoBA line.
  • Fashawn is dooooope and I like what I’ve heard from Omar so far.
  • Summer’s already almost over and I’ll miss videos like this when the rain hits here in Seattle.
  • I miss my Cali homies.
  • The homey Aren got his cameo on at the BBQ.

Dope stuff!

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2 Responses to “Omar Aura ft. Fashawn – 1,000 Palm Trees (video)”

  1. tay dawg says:

    ….wait, doesn’t he also say ‘my Ken Griffey’s looking so damn tight!” ?!?! Shout out the Mariners!

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