Frank Ocean – Swim Good (video)

The long awaited video for Frank’s “Swim Good” finally dropped and, as expected with all Nabil directed visuals, it’s clean, dope, and a little twisted. This is actually one of my least favorite tracks on Nostalgia…Ultra, but that’s not really an indictment because the project as a whole is incredible.  If any of the records could potentially catch on to radio after “Novacane” finishes its run (still my song of the year), it’s this one.  Here’s hoping the mass public continues to take notice of Frank.

Oh, and you always win points with me for any panda or samurai references.  Well done guys.

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  1. Freddy says:

    When i went on Frank Oceans website i didnt notice i was watching the video to “Swim Good” and listening to “Thinking about you” for the first minute minute. haha They go together so smoothly. They’re both cool videos and Franks Oceans voice is so chill. Hope he does well.

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