Wack Lyric of the Day, 7-4-12

Yeah, I know WLotD kinda died a few years ago when I became equal parts too busy and too apathetic to continue to call out idiocy in new songs, but if I happen to be blogging as I hear something dumb, I reserve the right to revive it.  You can thank Pleasure P, he of the legendary wack lyric veteran group, Pretty Ricky.  His new song with Tyga is called “I Like Girlz,” which aside from the always classy and edgy replacement of the letter “s” with a “z,” seems straightforward enough…until you hear the chorus:

“I love girls, I love girls, I love girls // So much, I think I’m lesbiahonest”

While Drake’s original line was pretty funny and somewhat clever, turning it into a hook for your single was a bad move P.  But then again, you named yourself Pleasure P, so I suppose it’s all relative.

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