Strong Arm Steady – Can’t Let Go (video)

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LOL @ the required shot of “hot girl washing low rider, ends up watering herself instead.”  If that doesn’t scream west coast video, I don’t know what does.  Also, I have to ask, what’s up with the random dude doing flips?

Anyway, I’m not mad at it at all.  This is exactly the kind of “commercial” type joint that S.A.S. should make…something dope, catchy, and authentic to their sound.  I love it.  Here’s the track if you don’t already have this 2008 summer anthem:

Strong Arm Steady ft. Blaqtoven – “Can’t Let Go”

Blaqtoven killed the beat and hook, especially the way it rides out.

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Get to know Strong Arm Steady

Posted in Artists, Joints, Videos on August 1st, 2008 by Hyphen

(LOL @ the Michael Eric Dyson shout…love that dude, pause)

The homies Tunji and Greg The Dude put together this video to introduce y’all to Krondon, Phil The Agony, and Mitchy Slick, collectively known as Strong Arm Steady.  You really should already be up on ’em, but if you aren’t, this will get you the basic info.  Be on the lookout for Arms & Hammers dropping later this year on Talib’s Blacksmith Music label.  If you checked the last episode of Sound Session, you heard the lead single “Can’t Let It Go,” which is a perfect summertime West Best Coast joint.  If you missed it, it’s your lucky day:

Strong Arm Steady ft. Blaqtoven – “Can’t Let It Go”

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