The Biggest podcast with DJ Hyphen

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Fresh off a year-long stint across the pond my bro DJ Hyphen comes through for one of my favorite episodes to date. We spend minimal time on his back story and then delve into everything that comes to our minds from Game Of Thrones to Kanye. A true convo amongst music nerds. This is what The Biggest is all about. #ItsTheBiggest

The longtime homey Miguel Rockwell recently invited me on his super dope podcast series, The Biggest, and the episode is up now for y’all to check out.  I really enjoyed this convo with Mike and his cohost Joe “HawkinsBird” Hawkins, who Mike affectionately refers to as “the most redundant man I’ve ever known.”  They’ve been recording some great conversations with all sorts of folks in the Seattle hip-hop scene, so it was an honor to sit down with them and chop it up.

There’s all sorts of random Hyphen-related trivia sprinkled in here as we completely nerd out about random topics.  This is probably the most you’ll ever hear me talk, so you’ve been warned!  Enjoy!


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Clock Radio Speakers podcast with DJ Hyphen

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(you like that 3rd person blog title, don’t ya?)

The homies Doc and Armond do one of the best hip-hop podcasts around with their Clock Radio Speakers show and I was honored to be a guest on a recent episode of theirs.  Toss this on and listen to us nerd out about all sorts of topics, including rap’s fascination with radio play and how radio really works, Wale’s issues with Complex, “event” releases in 2013 from artists like Jay-Z and Beyonce, my #InboxMadness Twitter series, industry tastemakers, and a whole bunch more.  Just a fun discussion with some folks that truly love music.  Good times.

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The Freshest In The Northwest Debate

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Ah yes, the list that generated enough tweets in the Seattle hip-hop community to trend the other day has reached its conclusion with the release of the #1 video above.  For those unaware, D-Money of Juice Radio put together this project inspired by the MTV “Hottest MC” debate where he asked several media figures in the Seattle/Tacoma area to submit lists of their top 15 “freshest MC’s.”  The panel was comprised of myself, Casey Carter, Sara from Fresh N Def, Sermon from Sermon’s Domain, DJ SupaSam, DJ Swervewon, Josh Rizeberg, and DJ Iceman.  A final slot was reserved for fan votes collected on Juice Radio’s website and you can view the entire list and the accompanying videos here.

We were told to construct the list using specific criteria focusing on solo MC’s (not groups or singers) and their accomplishments within the past year.  The various categories we were instructed to key on ranged from sales/downloads to radio play, from concert draws to media recognition, and every variable you can think of in between.  In the end, even with the criteria, the idea was to make picks based on who we felt were the overall “freshest” in the NW, which is obviously subjective to each individual.  Not surprisingly, we had fairly different lists, and also not surprisingly, it was revealed during the course of our discussion that some of the panel did not follow the criteria or fully understand it.  What’s a hip-hop list without some controversy from the very start (and the inability to do the most basic tasks correctly)?

The format allowed for the panel to bump up artists if we were convinced during our discussion that they had been voted to an incorrect slot.  Personally, I would have preferred the panel to simply fill out their lists accurately from the jump and then we could stick with where someone was voted.  If you’re deemed knowledgeable enough to be on the panel, you should be able to construct a good list and defend your picks without getting swayed during the discussion to vote someone up or down.  That said, when Macklemore was revealed as #3 on the list, I was happy we’d have a chance to vote him to his correct position at #1 because it’s clear that with the criteria we were told to use, nobody has excelled more than him in the past year.  It’s not even debatable in my opinion.

I was disappointed that the list didn’t unanimously have him at #1 to begin with, but I can’t speak for the selections of any other panel member.  All I know is that only 6 of the 15 artists I selected made the final list (though they only revealed the top 10, so I suppose 5 were never going to make it).  Of those, I think the most startling omissions were Geologic (aka Prometheus Brown) and Ish (aka Palaceer Lazaro of Shabazz Palaces).  To conclude a “Freshest In The NW” list without two of our most successful and influential artists, who continue to release great music to widespread critical and consumer acclaim, seems like a travesty.

Regardless, it seems the list accomplished what it set out to do, which was to generate conversation about all the talent we have in the Northwest.  Were there things I would do differently if this were my project?  Absolutely, starting with the fact that I would never do it to begin with.  However, this is Juice Radio’s creation and I enjoyed giving my two cents in the discussion.

That said, I’m troubled by the reactions of many people, mainly because they seem to be attacking the idea that this is some sort of definitive list.  Of course it’s NOT a definitive list!  I thought that would have been common sense, but yet again, for the 24823948239423424th time in my life, I’ve overestimated the intelligence and comprehension levels of the general public (though if I continue to do that, it’s really more my fault than theirs).  Individual lists are fine, but it’s the idea that combining a group of lists, from anyone, somehow transforms these individual opinions to fact that is completely absurd.  I assumed everyone would understand that, but I was wrong.

I hope you enjoyed the debate and the videos, but I’d advise you do yourself a favor and don’t take it too seriously.  Then again, that’s also just my opinion…

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Before The Music Dies (documentary)

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Warning: too much truth.

If you have the time, I highly recommend you check out this documentary.  As a music lover and a former media studies major, this really does a great job of summing up all our fears about media consolidation.  Shout to Marcus for passing this through in the comments.

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Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 15

Posted in Artists, Radio on August 26th, 2009 by Hyphen

Just when you start to wonder when Phonte and Brainchild are dropping another GGR…”BAM!”…they’re back.  Enjoy:

  1. B. Bravo “Midnite”
  2. Method Man & Redman “Dangerous Mcees” (cookin soul remix)
  3. Che Grand “People Bowling” (feat. Tanya Morgan)
  4. Mos Def “Auditorium” (feat. Slick Rick)
  5. DJ Mitsu “Get ‘Em Up” (feat. Elzhi)
  6. Amerie “Why R U”
  7. Kan Kick “I’m Going To Take U Out To Dinner”
  8. GB “Dealer Dog”
  9. Morgan Zarate “Satin White”
  10. Kenlo “Pont”
  11. Jay Dee “Come Get It”
  12. Freddie Joachim “Silent”
  13. Raheem DeVaughn “Wanna Love You” (feat Young Chris)
  14. Slum Village “Cloud 9″ (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
  15. DJ Spinna “Guaranteed” (feat. Phonte & Yahzarah)
  16. Reggie B “Spirtual Fi”
  17. Zo! & Asylum 7 “The Lineup” (feat. Metasyons, Finale & Buff)
  18. Karriem Riggins “I Want You”
  19. Byron The Aquarius “Repetitive” (feat. Daru & Da Button Pusha)
  20. Lunice “This Time”
  21. Onra “My Comet”
  22. Floyd The Locsmif “Fuzzy Navel”
  23. Afta-1 “Flor Y Uva
  24. Nicolay “Lose Your Way” (feat. Carlitta Durand)

Download here.

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Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 14 (MJ Tribute)

Posted in Artists, Radio on July 6th, 2009 by Hyphen

GGR is back after a long hiatus, but it’s with a heavy heart as Phonte and Brainchild dedicate this edition to the King of Pop.  Rest in peace Mike…

The Long Live The Kaing Edition

Michael Jackson
August 1958 – June 2009

Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” (DJ Brainchild’s Power Trio Mix)
The Jackson 5 “Can’t Get Ready For Losing You”
The Jackson 5 “It’s Great To Be Here”
The Jackson 5 “Lookin’ Through The Windows”
The Jackson 5 “I’ll Bet You”
The Jacksons “Give It Up”
The Jacksons “That’s What You Get For Being Polite”
Michael Jackson “Pretty Young Thing” (demo)
Michael Jackson “Someone Put Your Hand Out”
Michael Jackson “Good Thing Goin’ (DJ Bobo James Remix)”
Q-Tip “Move”
De La Soul “Breakadawn”
Kanye West “Good Life”
Jay-Z “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
Michael Jackson “Stranger In Moscow”
Michael Jackson “Whatever Happens”
Michael Jackson “In The Closet”
Michael Jackson “Scream”
The Jackson 5 “Superstition”
Michael Jackson “Call On Me”
Michael Jackson “Got To Be There”

Download here. (right click, save as)

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Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 13

Posted in Artists, Radio on April 20th, 2009 by Hyphen

The latest edition of GGR with Phonte and Brainchild dropped last week, but hey…life is busy.  Even if it’s a few days late on TAOD, the music is still as fresh as ever.  Plus, any mix that starts with an artist named Dorian gets posted.  Fact.

In celebration of his brother Big Pooh’s recent wedding, Phonte discusses his third time as a groomsman, how not wearing a wedding ring can build a healthy marriage, and how to use the word ‘bitch’ in a positive way.

  1. Dorian “Be Loved”
  2. Ebrahim “Tears Of Ayanna”
  3. Q-Tip “Let’s Ride”
  4. Ryan Leslie “Just Right”
  5. The-Dream “Walkin’ On The Moon” (feat. Kanye West)
  6. Theophilus London “TNT”
  7. Trackademicks “Enjoy What You Do”
  8. J*DaVeY “Night & Day”
  9. Miguel “Dig”
  10. J Dilla “Let’s Take It Back”
  11. Dr Who Dat? “Kelly Drive”
  12. Freddie Joachim “Meditation”
  13. Mos Def “Victory”
  14. Waajeed “Anything”
  15. Fam-Lay “Fresh N Driving”
  16. DJ Mitsu The Beats “Right Here” (Seoul City Remix)
  17. Mayer Hawthorne “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” (Astronote Remix)
  18. Little Dragon “After The Rain” (GB Interpretation)
  19. Esthero “Superheroes” (Afta-1 Remix)
  20. Aaliyah “Rock The Boat” (Stimulated Remix)
  21. Santana “Aqua Marine”
  22. Mr. V “I Can Sing”
  23. Herbie Hancock “Watermelon Man” (Kenny Dope Club Mix)
  24. Atjazz “Wind & Sea”
  25. Rapper Big Pooh “Rear View Mirror”

Download here.

Congrats to Pooh as well!

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Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 11

Posted in Artists, Radio on January 29th, 2009 by Hyphen


Damn, this came out of nowhere.  Brainchild and Phonte haven’t recorded an episode of GGR in a minute, but it’s back just in time for Tay to drop his thoughts on the upcoming year.  Plus, Brainchild kills the mix…as always.

  1. DJ Day “Four Hills”
  2. Daru & Rena “Things You Do”
  3. Ed O.G. & The Bulldogs “Bug-A-Boo”
  4. Shawn Jackson “Fix Ya Face”
  5. Sa-Ra “High Life”
  6. Portishead “Lot More”
  7. Bjork “I Miss You” (Dobie’s Sunshine Mix)
  8. Apple Juice Kid “A Different Blues”
  9. Fat Jon “Tell Me”
  10. The Foreign Exchange “Take Off The Blues”
  11. Ron Browz “Pop Champagne”
  12. Q-Tip “Dance On Glass”
  13. Hueston Independent Spit District “Jus Sayin”
  14. Hi-Gloss “You’ll Never Know”
  15. The Whispers “Keep Your Love Around”
  16. Carl Anderson “Buttercup”
  17. Jermaine Jackson “Where Are You Now”
  18. Prince “My Love Is Forever”
  19. Joey Negro presents The Sunburst Band “Every Day”
  20. Made In Japan “The City At Night”
  21. Musiq Soulchild “Until”
  22. The Pharcyde “She Said” (Jay Dee Remix)
  23. Cunninlynguists “Yellow Lines”
  24. Theophilus London “Cold Pillow” (feat. Jesse Boykins III)

Download here. (right click, save as)

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Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 10

Posted in Artists, Radio on October 20th, 2008 by Hyphen


It’s been a minute since Phonte and Brainchild have graced us with an episode of GGR, but believe me, it’s tough to do radio shows when you’re constantly working on other projects.  In the latest edition, Brainchild kills the mix and Tay waxes poetic about his top 10 “black coffees.”  Check it out:

  1. The Randy Watson Experience “Tic Tac Know!”
  2. The Cool Kids “Delivery Man”
  3. FDR “Puff Puff Pass”
  4. Erykah Badu “The Healer”
  5. Digable Planets “Dial 7 (Axioms Of Creamy Spies)”
  6. Bill Withers “Kissing My Love”
  7. Lloyd Chalmers “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More”
  8. Black Milk “Purple Track 6″
  9. Robert Glasper “J Dillalude” (Simon S Extended Edit)
  10. Madlib “Ashby Road”
  11. Nicolay & Kay “Through The Wind”
  12. Georgia Anne Muldrow “Runaway”
  13. Reggie B “It Gets Better”
  14. Houston Independent Spit District “Recess” (feat. Khimmy J)
  15. Towa Tei “Happy” (feat. Viv & Bahamadia)
  16. Mr. Dalvin “Get Mine”
  17. Ralph Tresvant “When I Need Somebody”
  18. Madlib “Chops & Thangs”
  19. Phoenix “Congratulations”
  20. Dwele “Light Skin Sugar”
  21. DJ Premier “Dink”
  22. The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination “Soulbath”
  23. DJ Krush “Beats”
  24. Lakeside “Something About That Woman”

Download here.

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Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 9

Posted in Artists, Radio on September 12th, 2008 by Hyphen


Honestly, I’m amazed Phonte and Brainchild have time for these excellent podcasts.  I always feel like I’m incredibly busy and constantly have projects to finish, but I know these guys do as well.  The fact that they do all their work and put out these episodes of GGR so often shows you how much they love the music.

The interview I recorded with Tay at Rock The Bells will be coming soon…as soon as I get a minute to put it online!  In the meantime, enjoy GGR #9, where he even speaks on the concert in the intro:

The Birth Control Edition

In this week’s edition, Phonte discusses the trials and tribulations of parenthood and explains why you really don’t wanna know how many sexual partners your s/o has had.

  1. Pete Rock “Don’t Be Mad”
  2. Sleepy’s Theme “Choked Out Saturday Night”
  3. Outkast “Elevators (Me & You)”
  4. digital underground “Oregano Flow” (Gumbo Soup Mix)
  5. Be Rezell “Blowed Away”
  6. Timbaland & Magoo “Written Rhymes”
  7. Jodeci “Can We Flo?”
  8. Brentford All-Stars “Greedy G”
  9. Alan Hawkshaw “Mile High Swinger”
  10. Sly & The Family Stone “Positive”
  11. The Rimshots “Harvey Wallbanger”
  12. The JB’s “Hot Pants Roads”
  13. Maceo & The Macks “Cross The Track (We Better Go Back)”
  14. Kool & The Gang “Funky Stuff”
  15. Illa J “We Here”
  16. Coultrain “Green”
  17. Hueston Independent Spit District “No More”
  18. Owusu & Hannibal “Delirium” (Up Hygh Remix)
  19. DJ Quik “Down Down Down”
  20. Shonie “Come & Get It”
  21. Platonic “877″
  22. Theo Parrish “The Rink”
  23. Samon Kawamura “You Are The Only One”
  24. The Randy Watson Experience “Knocking At Your Door”
  25. The Foreign Exchange “Daykeeper”

Download here.

And yes, The Audacity of Dope is my blog Tay!  hahahah.  A pensive Phonte at RTB, Washington:

Tay at RTB

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