Sound Session #392 (12-16-12)

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When news spread last week that Trinidad James signed a $2 million dollar record deal with Def Jam, many involved in the industry took to Twitter to give our two cents.  My mini-rant got picked up and spread around the net a bit (read most of it here), and we planned on discussing some of the issues on the air for this week’s SNSS.

However, that topic and the debates it sparked were rendered completely meaningless by the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday.  Our thoughts are with all those affected, which really should be everyone reading this.  Even if you weren’t directly touched by this event, you’ve undoubtedly been affected by gun violence and/or mental health issues at some point in your life.  Both are far too pervasive in our society and while both have been debated for years, it looks like this might have finally been a tipping point to move in the right direction, at least in terms of gun control regulations.  The debate can rage on for years (and has), it seems we might finally be able to close the “gun show loophole” and perhaps even accomplish a ban on assault weapons.  I haven’t heard one reasonable argument against either of those goals and they seem like the least we can do.  Between Newtown, Columbine, Blacksburg, and the day to day violence we see in places like Chicago and Detroit, we simply must do better.  An intelligent conversation and plan for moving forward is not too much to ask.

We touched on this topic a little during this week’s show, but the focus, as always, was on the music.  We played new records from artists like Game, J. Cole, JMSN, Talib Kweli, Jamall Bufford, John Legend, the Delfonics, Snoop Lion, Wais P, Big Boi, Little Dragon, and more.  Plus we were joined in studio by one of our favorite artists in Seattle, Dice.  Her debut album, Reflections In Broken Glass, comes out Tuesday!

Enjoy the show and be safe out there folks.

Show #392 (12-16-12)

  1. Game ft. J. Cole & JMSN – “Pray”
  2. Talib Kweli – “Fly Away (Apollo Brown Remix)”
  3. Jamall Bufford – “10,000”
  4. DJ Phinisey ft. Grynch & Hyphen8d – “This Road” (Local Music)
  6. John Legend – “Who Did That To You”
  7. Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics – “Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love)”
  8. Charlie Red – “Norah Jones”
  10. Dice – “Celebration” (Local Music)
  11. Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake – “Poetic Justice”
  13. Snoop Lion ft. Mavado & Popcaan – “Lighters Up”
  14. Truck North ft. Black Thought & Asher Roth – “Capital Crime”
  15. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson ft. Planet Asia – “Nasty”
  16. Wais P ft. Action Bronson – “Staten Island Ferry”
  17. Big Sant – “Live”
  18. Geto Boys – “Six Feet Deep” (Throwback of the Week)
  19. Choklate – “Wide Open” (Local Music)
  20. Big Boi ft. Little Dragon – “Descending”

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The Freshest In The Northwest Debate

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Ah yes, the list that generated enough tweets in the Seattle hip-hop community to trend the other day has reached its conclusion with the release of the #1 video above.  For those unaware, D-Money of Juice Radio put together this project inspired by the MTV “Hottest MC” debate where he asked several media figures in the Seattle/Tacoma area to submit lists of their top 15 “freshest MC’s.”  The panel was comprised of myself, Casey Carter, Sara from Fresh N Def, Sermon from Sermon’s Domain, DJ SupaSam, DJ Swervewon, Josh Rizeberg, and DJ Iceman.  A final slot was reserved for fan votes collected on Juice Radio’s website and you can view the entire list and the accompanying videos here.

We were told to construct the list using specific criteria focusing on solo MC’s (not groups or singers) and their accomplishments within the past year.  The various categories we were instructed to key on ranged from sales/downloads to radio play, from concert draws to media recognition, and every variable you can think of in between.  In the end, even with the criteria, the idea was to make picks based on who we felt were the overall “freshest” in the NW, which is obviously subjective to each individual.  Not surprisingly, we had fairly different lists, and also not surprisingly, it was revealed during the course of our discussion that some of the panel did not follow the criteria or fully understand it.  What’s a hip-hop list without some controversy from the very start (and the inability to do the most basic tasks correctly)?

The format allowed for the panel to bump up artists if we were convinced during our discussion that they had been voted to an incorrect slot.  Personally, I would have preferred the panel to simply fill out their lists accurately from the jump and then we could stick with where someone was voted.  If you’re deemed knowledgeable enough to be on the panel, you should be able to construct a good list and defend your picks without getting swayed during the discussion to vote someone up or down.  That said, when Macklemore was revealed as #3 on the list, I was happy we’d have a chance to vote him to his correct position at #1 because it’s clear that with the criteria we were told to use, nobody has excelled more than him in the past year.  It’s not even debatable in my opinion.

I was disappointed that the list didn’t unanimously have him at #1 to begin with, but I can’t speak for the selections of any other panel member.  All I know is that only 6 of the 15 artists I selected made the final list (though they only revealed the top 10, so I suppose 5 were never going to make it).  Of those, I think the most startling omissions were Geologic (aka Prometheus Brown) and Ish (aka Palaceer Lazaro of Shabazz Palaces).  To conclude a “Freshest In The NW” list without two of our most successful and influential artists, who continue to release great music to widespread critical and consumer acclaim, seems like a travesty.

Regardless, it seems the list accomplished what it set out to do, which was to generate conversation about all the talent we have in the Northwest.  Were there things I would do differently if this were my project?  Absolutely, starting with the fact that I would never do it to begin with.  However, this is Juice Radio’s creation and I enjoyed giving my two cents in the discussion.

That said, I’m troubled by the reactions of many people, mainly because they seem to be attacking the idea that this is some sort of definitive list.  Of course it’s NOT a definitive list!  I thought that would have been common sense, but yet again, for the 24823948239423424th time in my life, I’ve overestimated the intelligence and comprehension levels of the general public (though if I continue to do that, it’s really more my fault than theirs).  Individual lists are fine, but it’s the idea that combining a group of lists, from anyone, somehow transforms these individual opinions to fact that is completely absurd.  I assumed everyone would understand that, but I was wrong.

I hope you enjoyed the debate and the videos, but I’d advise you do yourself a favor and don’t take it too seriously.  Then again, that’s also just my opinion…

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Sarah Palin’s Debate Flow Chart

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In case you had any trouble following along with her rambling run-on sentences last night, here’s her basic formula.  Don’t make me post the transcripts.

Shout to my dude Tom for sending this through.

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McCain was wrong. and wrong. and wrong again. and once more.

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Blaow, how ya like me now?

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“You actin’ like a little _____ right now” – O-Dog (Menace II Society)

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In case you haven’t heard, in light of the recent economic crisis, John McCain has decided to suspend his campaign to try to help solve the problem.  Sane people will look at this maneuver and realize it’s a fairly desperate attempt to avoid pwnage in Friday’s debate, but McCain clearly hopes that his campaign can spin it positively.  Expect to hear a million surrogates talking up the idea that “McCain is showing he’ll put his country ahead of his campaign.”  That sounds nice, but unfortunately, it’s patently false.

McCain’s inability to get any sort of grasp on economic issues (remember: this man has admitted multiple times that he doesn’t understand how the economy works) has lead to an awful performance on the campaign trail the past 2 weeks.  With the Palin bounce fading quickly, and even beginning to negatively affect the ticket, they were increasingly desperate.  The idea that if McCain returns to Washington to sit in on some meetings and provide his voice, this $700 billion bailout will be hammered through is absolutely laughable.  Whether it happens or not, it will not be because of John McCain.

So why did he insist upon suspending the campaign and ducking the first debate on Friday?  Simple: he’s getting hammered on the economy.  As I’ve blogged about before, anytime an actual important issue or policy is talked about, the Republicans lose.  That’s why they want you to worry about flag pin lapels or pigs with lipstick.  Once the economy became the main focus, McCain’s campaign went down quicker than his plane dur– no…wait…I’m better than that.  Anyway, he’s losing ground all over the place and in order to stop the hemmorraging, he pulled this stunt.  It’s akin to calling a timeout when the other team is racking up points, only in this case, you were already out of timeouts.  Shouldn’t this be a technical foul?  Where’s Chris Webber?

This is not a legitimate reason to suspend your campaign and try to postpone the beatdown you’re going to receive at the first debate.  Now, Barack handled this as professionally and stately as possible.  He knows exactly what McCain is doing and his remarks above could not have been better.  Thankfully, I’m not running for office, so I’ll say it:

For a “war hero,” where is your vaunted courage Senator McCain?  Take your beating like a man and go to the first debate on Friday.  You’re running scared, but it’s understandable.  Barack has Ali-like swag right now, and you’re about to be on the receiving end.

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