Sound Session #545 (1/17/16) + Show Update

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While it’s been a minute since our last update, it’s been a pretty busy holiday season for the Sound Session crew.  We’ll save you all the individual details and give you a few key updates:

#1) The playlist for our last episode, Show #545 from January 17th, is below, but due to technical changes in the studio, we weren’t able to record it for the archive.  Apologies for that, as we featured some dope tracks you definitely need to peep from artists like Kanye, D.I.T.C., Anderson Paak, Curren$y, Majid Jordan, dvsn, PREP, Torae, Ryan Caraveo, Golden Rules, and more.

#2) As you may have heard, iHeartMedia has adjusted our station cluster in Seattle and KUBE has moved from 93.3 FM up the dial to 104.9 FM.  The end of the “KUBE 93” era means more to me than I would be able to put into words, but thankfully for us and Seattle, the brand lives on and the station is continuing to operate on 104.9 FM.  It’s an opportunity to start something new and write the next chapter for a legendary Seattle radio institution.  Change is never easy though, and we’d like to thank two people who helped Jon and I every step of the way with Sound Session over the last decade, but are now no longer with the company: Eric Powers and Karen Wild.  Thanks to both of you for everything and we’re excited to see your next moves.  You’ll always be a part of SNSS!

As for the show, we are off air this week in light of the changes but hope to be back on very soon.  We’ll keep everyone updated on the status and when you can hear us next.

Talk soon…

Show #545 (1/17/16)

  1. Pusha T – “FIFA”
  2. PRhyme (Royce Da 5’9” & DJ Premier) ft. MF Doom & Phonte – “Highs and Lows”
  3. Chance The Rapper ft. Jeremih & R. Kelly – “Somewhere In Paradise”
  4. Mic Phenom ft. King Leez & Dice – “No More” (Local Music)
  5. Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz – “Fries”
  6. Torae – “Get Down”
  7. Puff Daddy & The Family ft. Jadakiss & Styles P – “Old Man Wildin’”
  8. Logic ft. Lucy Rose – “Innermission”
  9. Ryan Caraveo – “Like We Own This Place” (Local Music)
  10. Fabolous ft. Dave East – “Summertime Sadness”
  11. Kanye West ft. Ty Dolla Sign – “Real Friends”
  12. D.I.T.C. – “Make Em So Proud (Hold Up)”
  13. Rick Ross – “Crocodile Python”
  14. DJ Quik – “Born and Raised In Compton” (Throwback of the Week)
  15. Pearl Gates ft. Masta Ace & Ali De Leon – “The Ritual”
  16. Anderson Paak – “Heart Don’t Stand A Chance”
  17. Lute – “Still Slummin’”
  18. Erykah Badu – “Phone Down”
  19. Malice & Mario Sweet – “Got U” (Local Music)
  20. Currensy ft. K Camp – “What’s Up”
  21. Russ – “Moonlight In Atlanta”
  22. Majid Jordan – “King City”
  23. Adrian Younge ft. Loren Oden – “Sittin’ By The Radio”
  24. Illa J – “Cannonball”
  25. dvsn – “Too Deep”
  26. Golden Rules (Eric Biddines & Paul White) – “It’s Over”
  27. Omen ft. Donnie Trumpet – “48 Laws”
  28. Brent Faiyaz – “Allure (Atu Remix)”
  29. Kwabs ft. Zak Abel – “Cheating On Me (Tom Misch Refix)”
  30. PREP – “Cheapest Flight (AlunaGeorge Remix)”

No archive available due to technical issues.

If you’d like to be added to our weekly email list to receive the playlist and stream/download links after every show, just shoot me an email,

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The Freshest In The Northwest Debate

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Ah yes, the list that generated enough tweets in the Seattle hip-hop community to trend the other day has reached its conclusion with the release of the #1 video above.  For those unaware, D-Money of Juice Radio put together this project inspired by the MTV “Hottest MC” debate where he asked several media figures in the Seattle/Tacoma area to submit lists of their top 15 “freshest MC’s.”  The panel was comprised of myself, Casey Carter, Sara from Fresh N Def, Sermon from Sermon’s Domain, DJ SupaSam, DJ Swervewon, Josh Rizeberg, and DJ Iceman.  A final slot was reserved for fan votes collected on Juice Radio’s website and you can view the entire list and the accompanying videos here.

We were told to construct the list using specific criteria focusing on solo MC’s (not groups or singers) and their accomplishments within the past year.  The various categories we were instructed to key on ranged from sales/downloads to radio play, from concert draws to media recognition, and every variable you can think of in between.  In the end, even with the criteria, the idea was to make picks based on who we felt were the overall “freshest” in the NW, which is obviously subjective to each individual.  Not surprisingly, we had fairly different lists, and also not surprisingly, it was revealed during the course of our discussion that some of the panel did not follow the criteria or fully understand it.  What’s a hip-hop list without some controversy from the very start (and the inability to do the most basic tasks correctly)?

The format allowed for the panel to bump up artists if we were convinced during our discussion that they had been voted to an incorrect slot.  Personally, I would have preferred the panel to simply fill out their lists accurately from the jump and then we could stick with where someone was voted.  If you’re deemed knowledgeable enough to be on the panel, you should be able to construct a good list and defend your picks without getting swayed during the discussion to vote someone up or down.  That said, when Macklemore was revealed as #3 on the list, I was happy we’d have a chance to vote him to his correct position at #1 because it’s clear that with the criteria we were told to use, nobody has excelled more than him in the past year.  It’s not even debatable in my opinion.

I was disappointed that the list didn’t unanimously have him at #1 to begin with, but I can’t speak for the selections of any other panel member.  All I know is that only 6 of the 15 artists I selected made the final list (though they only revealed the top 10, so I suppose 5 were never going to make it).  Of those, I think the most startling omissions were Geologic (aka Prometheus Brown) and Ish (aka Palaceer Lazaro of Shabazz Palaces).  To conclude a “Freshest In The NW” list without two of our most successful and influential artists, who continue to release great music to widespread critical and consumer acclaim, seems like a travesty.

Regardless, it seems the list accomplished what it set out to do, which was to generate conversation about all the talent we have in the Northwest.  Were there things I would do differently if this were my project?  Absolutely, starting with the fact that I would never do it to begin with.  However, this is Juice Radio’s creation and I enjoyed giving my two cents in the discussion.

That said, I’m troubled by the reactions of many people, mainly because they seem to be attacking the idea that this is some sort of definitive list.  Of course it’s NOT a definitive list!  I thought that would have been common sense, but yet again, for the 24823948239423424th time in my life, I’ve overestimated the intelligence and comprehension levels of the general public (though if I continue to do that, it’s really more my fault than theirs).  Individual lists are fine, but it’s the idea that combining a group of lists, from anyone, somehow transforms these individual opinions to fact that is completely absurd.  I assumed everyone would understand that, but I was wrong.

I hope you enjoyed the debate and the videos, but I’d advise you do yourself a favor and don’t take it too seriously.  Then again, that’s also just my opinion…

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ESPN My Wish: Landon Donovan (video)

Posted in News, Sports, Videos on July 17th, 2011 by Hyphen

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever watched one of these ESPN “My Wish” segments without tearing up.  This particular piece highlighting a young cancer patient named Brendan Galanaugh and his idol, Landon Donovan, was no different.  It would have been great without Donovan’s storybook ending to the day, but once he scored those goals, it was a wrap.  Good stuff.

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Jon Stewart defends Common to Bill O’Reilly

Posted in Comedy, News, Other Peoples' Interviews, Videos on May 17th, 2011 by Hyphen

Following up on the absolutely absurd “controversy” regarding Common’s appearance at the White House, Jon sat down with O’Reilly to dispense more ether, this time face-to-face.

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Seth Meyers at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (video)

Posted in Comedy, News, Videos on May 1st, 2011 by Hyphen

Following up on Obama’s jokes at the Correspondents’ Dinner, Seth Meyers took the podium and doled out ether left and right.

“Rick Sanchez, you are gone…and forgotten.”

Of course, the highlight is seeing Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly sulk in their seats, completely unable to take any sort of self deprecating humor whatsoever. Just laugh, idiots. God forbid you show one sliver of a likeable human characteristic.

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Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (video)

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I was sold when Optimus Prime showed up and knew I was going to post by the time they dropped Lion King. This is the Barry we all know and love, and the one whose personality won us over years ago.

As Barack says in the speech, “the honeymoon is over” in regards to his presidency, but I’m not too disappointed in what many consider to be a lack of progress towards the tasks he laid out during his campaign. I’ve never been a fan of any portion of the political process and I really think you just have to make the best decisions when they come up. Barack was the best choice we had at the time and he continues to be just that. Hopefully he gets back in office and swags out in his 2nd term when there’s no concern over being reelected.

We shall see. But in the interim, enjoy the jokes!

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Olivia Munn – Tiger Mothering

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Speaking of The Daily Show, here’s another great piece from this week.  Funny x Munn.  Can’t go wrong there!  Her mom reminds me of some of the homies’ parents too, classic.

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I heart British people

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When I woke up yesterday and begrudgingly started getting ready for work, I noticed my Twitter and Facebook timelines were filled with friends expressing their extreme hatred for all the media coverage of Will & Kate’s royal wedding.  Even though my dad is British and I have family there, honestly, I had no idea the wedding was even going down, let alone that it was this big of a deal…or at least that the media was trying to make it such an event.

While I understand why folks were so perturbed, I really couldn’t care less about the wedding or the media’s coverage of it.  Yeah, they blew it up to an absurd degree.  Um, that’s what they do.  Perhaps I’m a jaded media studies major, but I don’t see why any of this is surprising or discouraging.  Instead of getting annoyed by the coverage, I watched a little last night and above all, it reminded me how much I heart British people.  The wedding was so old fashioned…so banal…so proper…and the people looked so…utterly miserable.  THAT, my friends, is the British society I know and love.

I could write pages trying to explain the nuances of it all, but I think this Kate Middleton For The Win Tumblr site sums it all up brilliantly in every simple photo edit.  Go there.  Immediately!

In related news, I caught up on The Daily Show episodes I missed this week and I particularly enjoyed John Oliver returning to London to cover the wedding:

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Northwest Sneaker Expo 10/28 @ Nectar

Posted in Live Performances, News on October 15th, 2010 by MitchNW

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mitch: With performances by Pac Div, SOTA, Logics, Eighty 4 Fly, Spaceman, Wizdom,  & more. If you’re a fan of nice clothes and good music you’ll be there.

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Would you rather be evil or stupid?

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