Seth Meyers at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (video)

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Following up on Obama’s jokes at the Correspondents’ Dinner, Seth Meyers took the podium and doled out ether left and right.

“Rick Sanchez, you are gone…and forgotten.”

Of course, the highlight is seeing Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly sulk in their seats, completely unable to take any sort of self deprecating humor whatsoever. Just laugh, idiots. God forbid you show one sliver of a likeable human characteristic.

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Snoop Dogg ft. Pilot – Gangbang Rookie (video)

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Video doesn’t do much for me, but this record is dope.  Snoop’s flooded the net with these viral videos recently and while it’s a good way to stay top of mind, I’d rather see a few higher budget clips rather than the WSHH style joints.  We do get our first look at Snoop’s 15 year old signing, Pilot, though it’s too early to judge his ability.  The voice is unique though, which can help.

Oh, and Jake One on the beat…if you ain’t know.

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CNN’s Jack Cafferty joins in on the ethering

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(hahahaha @ Couric’s ice grill like “you are setting us back with every word you utter”)

Wow.  Tell ’em why you mad, son.  Old white guy ether is the best.

It’s been fascinating to watch how quickly the Palin effect turned negative, and rightly so.  Regardless of what side of the policy debates you fall on, she’s clearly an awful VP candidate and was solely picked to try to throw a wrinkle into the race.  From day one, even the other Republicans were salty about this and now that the initial “OMG HE PICKED A WOMAN” buzz has died, she’s killing McCain’s campaign every time she opens her mouth.

LOL @ that answer in the Couric interview.  Paul Krugman hit it on the head: it sounded like a college freshman who showed up to class without doing any of the reading.  “Totally incoherent.”

The scariest part about all this is that McCain’s entire mantra of “Country First” was drop-kicked out the window by making this selection.  They knew the only chance they had in the election was to play the gender wildcard, and it shows how reckless a campaign he’s running.  This is a 72 year old, four time cancer survivor…and he picked THIS?  [Nappy Roots] Aw hell naw [/Nappy].

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Big Boi talks to CNN about “Sumthin’ Gotta Give”

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(I feel your pain man.  The $100 Bentley fill ups are killing me too.)

CNN featured a fluff nice piece on Antwan recently, highlighting his politically charged video for “Sumthin’ Gotta Give.”  I’m pleasantly surprised to see a network actually run a positive story about his beliefs, especially after Fixed News did their best xenophobic reporting on Luda last week.  Sidenote: the massive Obama attack and smear campaign that we all expected is just kicking off.  We have a long way to go, and the attacks will only get uglier and more illogical.  This is when we have to work extra hard to dispell rumors and innuendo, so let’s all stay focused.  gObama.

Swiped from Nah Right.

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McCain = Bush

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The governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, recently appeared on CNN to support John McCain. Unfortunately for McCain, his own surrogate can’t even explain how his economic policies differ from those of Bush. He tries to avoid the question but still falls flat on his face. Awwwkwaaaaard.

Still not as painful as McCain’s viagra-gate though.

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