Sound Session #591 (4/16/17) – Co-hosted by DJ Nphared & Porter Ray

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Porter Ray x SNSS

(Porter Ray)

Another week, another fun episode of Sound Session.  On episode #591, DJ Nphared and I ran new records from David Banner + Black Thought, The Cool Kids, Joey Badass, Swindail + Innanet James, Gorillaz + D.R.A.M. + Bonobo, GoldLink + Mya, Tom Misch, Kendrick, and more.  We even had a record so good, we had to temporarily suspend our longstanding “Migos Free Zone” rule.  And if that wasn’t crazy enough, Desiigner called in to make weird noises and talk about working with Kanye/Mike Dean/Pusha, his new album, tour life, and more.

Oh, and one of the dopest MC’s in the Northwest (and nationally, truth be told), Porter Ray, dropped by to talk about his new Watercolor project on Sub Pop.  Cop that if you haven’t already (Sub Pop / Apple / Amazon / Google)!


Show #591 (4/16/17)
**Co-hosted by DJ Nphared**

2. David Banner ft. Black Thought & WatchTheDuck – “Who Want It”
3. The Cool Kids – “TV Dinner”
4. Asher Roth ft. The Cool Kids – “Wu Financial”
6. Porter Ray – “East Seattle” (Local Music)
7. Porter Ray – “Navi Truck” (Local Music)
9. Joey Badass – “For My People”
10. Da Villins x DJ Skizz ft. Sean Price – “Indivisible (P&P)”
11. Evidence – “Throw It All Away”
12. Kendrick Lamar – “FEEL.”
13. Swindail ft. Innanet James – “C’est La Vie”
15. Desiigner – “Outlet”
16. Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos – “Slide”
17. Drake – “Madiba Riddim”
18. Gorillaz ft. D.R.A.M. – “Andromeda (Bonobo Remix)”
19. GoldLink ft. Mya – “Roll Call”
20. Snoop Dogg – “Snoopafella” (Throwback of the Week)
21. Logic ft. Damian Lemar Hudson – “Black SpiderMan”
22. Pinder – “For Granted” (Local Music)
23. Tom Misch ft. Carmody – “Ephemeral”

Download –

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Problem on Sound Session (video)

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Problem traveled up the west coast from L.A. to Seattle and dropped by the KUBE 93 studios to chop it up with us for Sound Session on 9/10/14.

We discussed his background, how he originally started by producing on a PlayStation, how he started rapping for chicks, and how he developed arguably the best ad-lib in rap (WHAT!?!).  After talking about his past, he spoke on his upcoming album, “Karma,” and Diamond Lane Music Group’s strategy to make it his biggest release yet.  And as you might expect with a passionate LA native, the conversation ended with Problem explaining why Kobe is the greatest Laker of all time and who’s better, Kobe or MJ.

Big shout to Problem and all of Diamond Lane Music Group, plus the First Ladies for shooting/editing!

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Snoop Dogg ft. Pilot – Gangbang Rookie (video)

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Video doesn’t do much for me, but this record is dope.  Snoop’s flooded the net with these viral videos recently and while it’s a good way to stay top of mind, I’d rather see a few higher budget clips rather than the WSHH style joints.  We do get our first look at Snoop’s 15 year old signing, Pilot, though it’s too early to judge his ability.  The voice is unique though, which can help.

Oh, and Jake One on the beat…if you ain’t know.

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 9-21-10

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“I don’t play, no/
Sticky, like Play-Doh”

— Snoop Dogg, “It’s On Tonite”

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Robin Thicke ft. Snoop Dogg – It’s In The Morning (video)

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Everything about this record is [Charles Barkley] fantastic [/Chuck].  My personal highlights:

  1. You can’t tell me Robin Thicke isn’t the hip-hop/R&B James Bond.  This dude staaaaaays with ridiculously hot girls (and pushes the interracial relationship boundary).  I approve.
  2. “You got the hottest body/I got the hottest hottie/Lemme put some cream in your coffee” – hilarious.  I’m adding that to the vocabulary.  Ok maybe not.
  3. Snoop’s verse is so epically bad, it’s incredible.  It’s not as bad/good as Kurupt’s classic “Xxxplosive” verse, but this is one of those all time “so wack, it’s dope” verses.  I love that when you think it’s over….nope!  He’s bizzack.

This is actually the kind of bright, positive vibe that I expected from the “Find Your Love” video.  Whoops.

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Nipsey Hussle on Sound Session

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One of the rising stars in hip-hop, Los Angeles’ Nipsey Hussle, came through Sound Session recently to chop it up with J. Moore and myself while out here on tour with The Game.  Just like you’d expect with a dude that many see as a young Snoop, Nipsey was cool as hell.

We talked all about his background (including how he got the name), his upcoming South Central State of Mind debut album, whether he had any reservations on using the familiar Kris Kross sample on “Hussle In The House,” and more.  Plus, we delved a little deeper than most interviews I’ve seen with Nip as we talked about his East African roots, fatherhood, how he wants to change the stereotypes of gang culture, and the difficulties in walking the fine line between reporting on violence and glorifying it.  Don’t miss this one y’all…

Nipsey Hussle on Sound Session
(back up / streaming link – )

*throws up the dub with pride*

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 11-24-08

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I can’t even make out all the words around today’s WLotD, but Snoop gets the prize for hawking McDonald’s mid-verse.

“Mo’ at it, mo’ padded/
I’m the Big Mac with 4 patties/
Special sauce, mo’ cheese…”
–Snoop Dogg, “Day Dreaming”

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Alchemist ft. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss, & Pusha T – Lose Your Life (video)

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My friend: “There are so many dope videos dropping these days, it’s tough to keep up.”
Me: “Didn’t I just talk to you bout my new job?  Tell me about it…”

Here’s that video Al was talking about in my interview with him and Evidence off his new EP, The Alchemist Cookbook.  It’s always cool to see someone tackle making a video for a song like this in a dope and creative way.  Super dope, but if only they could have dropped this in time for Halloween…

Courtesy of OnSmash.

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