Who throws a shoe? Honestly?

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Ok, I stole that headline from TMZ, but damn if that isn’t perfect.  HAHAHAHAHA @ this.  First of all, the shoe assault is classic…not one, but both!  Secondly, impressive reflexes from George on that first projectile.  Thirdly, where was the Secret Service?  We protect our Prez from gun shots, but we’re powerless against shoes?

Man…I reeeeeeally wish one of the shoes just clocked dude hahahah.  This is funny enough though.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Bush Presidency!

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McCain was wrong. and wrong. and wrong again. and once more.

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Blaow, how ya like me now?

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Kanye West’s Homecoming segment with Lorenzo Zarate

Posted in Artists, News, Videos on July 29th, 2008 by Hyphen

I’m so mad at myself for blogging the trailer to this special last week and then missing most of it when it aired tonight.  I guess if it’s not in the Blackberry, I just forget to do it.  Damn.

Anyway, here’s one segement where Kanye and Sway met up with Lorenzo Zarate, a veteran from the war in Iraq.  Not only did Lorenzo come home with post traumatic stress disorder, but he recently lost his job, his wife is pregnant, and they’re about to be short on their rent.  Luckily, Mr. West, Sway, and MTV stepped in to help him out…big time.  I especially liked that they set him up with a mentor-ship at the hip-hop station in Austin, because honestly, there’s waaaaay too many people out there putting everything they have towards rapping.  Just because technology has afforded you the option, doesn’t mean you should pick up that mic.  Hopefully Lorenzo gets his health in order and his family can have the future they deserve.

I spotted this clip at Eskay‘s so I haven’t searched the MTV site to see if the rest of the show is up there, but it better be.  I caught the last segment live, then searched the schedule trying to DVR the replay.  To my horror, MTV would rather show 21012910219 episodes of From G’s To Gents and America’s Best Dance Crew over something with a purpose and actual substance.  Wack.  At least they commissioned it in the first place though.

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Barack Obama on Iraq and national security

Posted in News, Politics, Videos on July 24th, 2008 by Hyphen

I’ve been meaning to post this up for a week now, but better late than never.  In a speech on July 15th, Barack laid out his policy on the war in Iraq and national security in general, in part to quell these nonsensical accusations that he’s flip-flopped on the issue.  From day one, he’s maintained the same ideas and principles, and stated them numerous times.  I’m tired of people complaining that Barack is just spouting empty rhetoric without any substance, only because they’re too lazy to do any research and dig past the soundbites they hear on TV.  It’s imperative that you take the time to seek out more than the 30 second clips on the news, or the intentionally simplified stump speeches.  I highly encourage everyone to read his last book, The Audacity of Hope (which you should be up on if you made your way to this URL), and the policies laid out on his website here.  It’s all there if you’re willing to educate yourself.

In short, the 5 goals Obama outlined for his national security strategy in this speech are:

  1. Ending the war in Iraq responsibly
  2. Finishing the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban
  3. Securing all nuclear weapons and materials from terrorists and rogue states
  4. Achieving true energy security
  5. Rebuilding our alliances to meet the challenges of the 21st century

He explains the importance and strategy for each goal in the speech, and in even more detail on his site.  Take the time to educate yourself, especially if you think he’s peddling empty hopes and dreams.  There is real substance here.  It’s correct, and drastically different from what McCain is proposing.

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