Why did the Awruh have to be crazy?!

Posted in Artists, Music Videos on December 29th, 2010 by Hyphen

Imagine if this dude never went absolutely crazy, or at least never revealed that side to the world.  I mean, come on bruh:

What, one more?

Man, I even liked the slightly later stage, still not fully crazy Awruh:

Ok ok, in hindsight, he was crazy from the start. But damn, nobody is making corny R&B/booty records like this these days. GTFOH witcha Ray J’s and whatnot.

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Shad – Warped Tour Freestyle

Posted in Artists, Live Performances, Videos on July 1st, 2009 by Hyphen

Man…I’ve been trying to tell you about Shad.  This little freestyle he recorded off the dome in the back of his Warped Tour bus with DJ TLO and Dallas Green is just another example of the incredible talent dude has.  Remember this too?

Be sure to follow along with Shad’s Warped Tour experience over on his site and you better catch his set when he comes through your town:

6/26/09    Pomona, CA
6/27/09    San Francisco, CA
6/28/09    Ventura, CA
6/30/09    Phoenix, AZ
7/1/09    Las Cruces, NM
7/2/09    San Antonio, TX
7/3/09    Houston, TX
7/5/09    Dallas, TX
7/7/09    Indianapolis, IN
7/8/09    Pittsburgh, PA
7/9/09    Cleveland, OH
7/10/09    Toronto, ON
7/11/09    Montreal, QC
7/12/09    Hartford, CT
7/14/09    Columbia, MD
7/15/09    Scranton, PA
7/16/09    Buffalo, NY
7/17/09    Camden, NJ
7/18/09    Uniondale, NY
7/19/09    Oceanport, NJ
7/21/09    Boston, MA
7/22/09    Virginia Beach, VA
7/23/09    Charlotte, NC
7/24/09    Orlando, FL
7/25/09    Miami, FL
7/26/09    St.Petersburg, FL
7/28/09    Atlanta, GA
7/29/09    Cincinnati, OH
7/30/09    Milwaukee, WI
7/31/09    Detroit, MI
8/1/09    Chicago, IL
8/2/09    Minneapolis, MN
8/3/09    St.Louis, MO
8/4/09    Kansas City, KS
8/7/09    Boise, ID
8/8/09    Salt Lake City, UT
8/9/09    Denver, CO
8/12/09    Calgary, AB
8/14/09    Vancouver, BC
8/15/09    Seattle, WA
8/16/09    Portland, OR
8/19/09    Fresno, CA
8/20/09    Mountain View, CA
8/21/09    Sacramento, CA
8/22/09    San Diego, CA
8/23/09    Los Angeles, CA

Oh…and The Old Prince is officially in stores now in the U.S.!  [Diddy] COP THAT Cop That cop that [/Diddy]

What up G!

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The Knux tear down Bonnaroo

Posted in Artists, Live Performances, Videos on June 13th, 2009 by Hyphen

ahahahahahaah aw man, look at the homies Krispy and Al!  The Knux made one of the least diverse crowds I’ve ever seen go absolutely crazy at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee this weekend.  LOL @ the irony of ending with Dead Prez’ “Hip-Hop”…I love it.

Seattle people: Be sure to come check out the Knux at Bumbershoot this year, where they’ll be opening up for the Black Eyed Peas on the mainstage.  Shout to Krispy, Al, Josh, and the whole crew.  See y’all soon fellas.

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