Wack Lyric of the Day, 11-18-08

Posted in Wack Lyric of the Day on November 18th, 2008 by Hyphen

Ron Browz

Today isn’t even a wack lyric, it’s just Ron Browz in general.  Now I’ve heard dude is mad cool, and so are his people, but seriously, all of his recent appearances make my ears bleed.  As a producer, he’s fine, though I’ve always thought his two ‘classics’, “Ether” and “Ebonics,” were carried by Nas and Big L, definitely not the beats.

However, all this off-key vocoder singing just needs to stop.  From “Pop Champagne” to “Arab Money” to the new Noreaga track, “Rotate,” WOW. Seriously, it’s awful.  People are really ok with this?

Dude makes T-Pain sound like Marvin.

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