Biden’s post debate comments with Olbie

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Alright, after a few less serious (but fairly accurate) clips from Chris Rock, here’s Joe Biden’s post debate comments on MSNBC with Keith Olbermann.  I love how they started with McCain’s most egregious error of the debate, where he tried to paint Obama as pridefully ignorant like Bush.  Unbelievable.

McCain’s actually lucky that he has to debate Barack instead of Biden.  Biden counteracts McCain’s only perceived “strength,” and wouldn’t hold back and be civil like Obama.  For instance, Barack probably felt like if he pointed out that independent veterans groups have given McCain awful scores for his veterans voting, he’d get lambasted because he’s not a war hero like McCain.  Biden’s got the rep to bring that up though.  He’d tear John apart.

My fear, that I’ve seen others echo, is that Biden’s almost in a lose/lose situation with Palin in their debate.  If he smashes her, which is increasingly possible the more we hear from her, some people will complain that he’s beating up on her unfairly.  You already know that the Republican surrogates are getting the “Biden was sexist” arguments written out now before anything’s even said.  That’s going to be the first talking point of that evening, count on it.

If he takes it easy, people will be impressed that she didn’t get crushed and they’ll over exaggerate her performance.  Also, if Biden makes one of his trademark gaffes and does anything remotely construed as disrespectful, it’s all you’ll hear in the media for weeks.  He’s got to be on his game and destroy her on nothing but the issues, without running up the score or rubbing it in.  You got this, but tread lightly Joe.

Except, of course, when you’re talking about McCain.  In which case, ether accordingly.

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