Mick Boogie x Dope Couture x A Tribe Called Quest

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Can We Kick It

We’ve seen a bunch of dope Obama shirts over the last year, and here’s another one to add to the list thanks to Mick Boogie and Dope Couture.  Nothing is assured yet, but I’m so excited about the state of the presidential race right now.  I can’t even imagine the fall out if Obama loses.  Not only would people be upset all over the world, but this would throw a huge wedge in race relations and turn off an entire generation to politics.  If he’s up in the polls by a few points and loses, right or wrong, many will see it as an example of racism where people claim to be prObama, only to go behind the curtain and vote McCain.  Things would be really ugly for a long time, since he is clearly the much better candidate.  McCain’s throwing the kitchen sink at him and it’s not going to work.  There’s a reason why voters under 35 are overwhelmingly supporting Obama.  He’s the future.  McCain is the past.

Cop Mick’s shirt right here and check out the quick mixtape he put together with Terry Urban to launch the shirt:

  1. Mick Boogie/Terry Urban: Intro
  2. Daytona: Can I Kick It? (produced by Garbs Infinite)
  3. Mekka Don: Dear Obama (produced by Skinny Vee)
  4. Malik Yusef f/ Kanye West: Promised Land
  5. Ra The Mc: Ready Or Not (produced by Judah)
  6. Jus Mic: Politics As Usual
  7. Jin: Open Letter To Obama
  8. 6th Sense: Ignite The People (produced by 6th Sense)
  9. Doxx: Smile Sarah (produced by Remot)

Download here.  (ZShare has been acting up in the last few days, so we’ll see if this link stays ‘under maintenance’ for long)

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Peoples Republic of Clothing x Obama

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Obama shirt

Another dope shirt for us Obamaniacs, this time courtesy of the Peoples Republic of Clothing.  If you don’t recognize the pic, it’s from Barack’s high school basketball days…classic.  They also have it in white, ladies cuts, and a dope “Pandana” jawn too.  Y’all know how I’m partial to pandas.

Cop ’em here and enter the promo code “NICKB” for 10% off.  Shout to young Nicholas for the heads up.

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Upper Playground x Obama

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I readily admit that my fashion game is pretty much relegated to what’s comfortable and what I get free, but these new Obama shirts look real dope.  Swiped from Hypebeast, so I’ll let them explain:

Supporting presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, Upper Playground’s team of artist’s created a set of Obama inspired pieces. The tees are now available exclusively through Digital Gravel, with under 300 of each being printed. Combining contributions from Sam Flores, Ron English, Alex Pardee, Munk One, Date Farmers and Morning Breathe amongst others, every print features the artists trademark style with the Democratic theme in mind. Releasing over the weekend, the lineup is available in both Mens and Womens sizes, retailing at $20 USD a piece.

Sounds like a good deal to me and all the money goes to a good cause as well (making more posters and stickers to distribute before the election).  I still need to track down that UNDRCRWN jawn at some point as well…and I like this “Destroy Racism” shirt too.  Hmm, shopping spree?  It is back to school time, right?

Cop ’em here.

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UNDRCRWN Obama shirt

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Obama shirt

There have been a lot of great Obama shirts during the campaign so far (I’m partial to my “Ninjas For Obama” jawn myself), but this one might have just taken the cake. UNDRCRWN recreated Vince Carter’s epic posterization of 7’2″ French center (and 1999 Knicks draft pick…good call fellas) Frederic Weis in the 2000 Olympics, appropriately substituting Obama and McCain for the players:

The funniest part of that clip is actually that Vin Baker was a part of USA Basketball. I forgot all about that. So, what store in town is selling these and wants to hook me up?

Spotted on Hypebeast…and just now on Spike Lee at the Democratic National Convention. That’s a good look.

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