Wack Lyric of the Day, 6-12-08

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(what happened?)

Man, labels are making my job easy. I don’t even have to search for these, they come right to my inbox every day. LL may be a legend, but he manages to fire off multiple wack lines in his new single featuring The Dream, the creatively titled…”Baby.” Sigh. Here’s a sampling:

“Hot sex on a platter, no need to cook/I let her steal my heart like a horny crook”
“My pulp ain’t fiction, it’s an addiction/To see your booty clap on the floor in the kitchen”
“Nasty girl, taught me all the lingo/Mama played bingo/She ride mandingo/She don’t give a damn if I’m married or single/She makes me tingle!”
“She lookin’ for a man that could give her a break/Like Usher or Justin Tim-ber-lake/I’m really not sure if her breasts are fake/Cause with whipped cream on ’em, they taste just like cake”
“Bought her some dessert, give a damn if it’s early/Head spinnin’ around like roller derby”

And in the last verse he breaks out the stale Nelly impression and fires off a depressing string of “surrre/currr/hurrr/everywurrrr” rhymes.

Oh, I can’t forget The Dream on the hook too. In stirring lyrics that evoke the complex emotions of love and heartbreak that only classic soul music can provide, he channels a young Stevie and sings:

“I’m your baby, I’m your baby, I’m your baby, I’m your baby, I’m your baby, your baby, your baby, your baby/I’m your baby, your baby, your baby, your baby, I’m your baby, your baby, yeah, yeaaaah, yeaaaaaah, hell yeaaaaah”

Epic. [Hov] Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it? [/Hov]

Anyway, listen…if…you…dare.

LL Cool J ft. The Dream – “Baby”

In much doper LL related news, Info posted up an ill segment of Tony Toca‘s radio show where Eminem (still alive!?!) prank called Touch and LL. Definitely a much better listen than the single. Wow @ that ish getting 30K downloads in a day. Anything Em touches blows the hell up.

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