Kenna ft. Childish Gambino – Relations (video)

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Kenna links up with Donald Glover for his new single and video, “Relations.”  Funky.

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Kenna – Chains (video)

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A few weeks ago, I randomly thought to myself that it was about time for two of my favorite non-hip-hop artists, Kenna and Miike Snow, to drop some new music. While I’m not aware of any music from the group, Kenna has just released the first of three EP’s in his Land 2 Air Chronicles series, all leading up to his next album, Songs For Flight.  Here’s the first video from the project for “Chains,” a song all about discovering what binds us in our every day life and trying to break these restraints.

Kenna was in town last week and stopped by Sound Session, only for the studio in our new production room to screw up the audio of our interview.  I do have some video, so I may still post it, even though the sound quality is pretty poor without the mic audio.  The conversation was great though, as it always is with Kenna.  We discussed the new projects in detail and dived deeper into some philosophical debates over artistry and musical integrity.  I’ll try to get it posted soon, but for now, he says hi:

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Chase Chad & Kenna in VA

Posted in Artists, Videos on July 15th, 2008 by Hyphen

This seems like an older clip, but I’ve never seen it before and Chad just posted it up on his blog.  Either way, it’s dope.  Chad and Kenna visit their old high school and explain what it was like growing up in Virgina Beach.

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Kenna ft. Justin Timberlake – Rockaway Life

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Damn, again I thought I had tracked down all the bonus songs from Kenna‘s Make Sure They See My Face, but apparently not.  No idea how long this has been floating around the net, since it supposedly appeared on the UK version.  Either way, I gaffled it from Tunji.

Kenna ft. Justin Timberlake – “Rockaway Life”

Justin’s only on background vocals here, but both he and Kenna kill it.  Play it loud.

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Kenna – Black Goodbye Ride

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I thought I had found all the bonus tracks from Kenna‘s last album, the brilliant Make Sure They See My Face, but I just came across this one.  This dude is one of the best artists doin it out there, so add this to your Kenna collection if you didn’t have it.  Oh, and turn this up loud:

Kenna – “Black Goodbye Ride”

Swiped from KnowXone.

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See, he talks

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(ok, well not there)

Check out a nice AP article on Chase Chad with some interesting quotes from Kenna and the mystery man himself right here. Published in The Columbian from Vancouver, WA, of all places. Yeah, the 2nd best Vancouver…aka where Dan Dickau was a senior in high school and absolutely abused a 9th grade Hyphen in WWU‘s summer team camp in 1996. Good times though.

Swiped from Chad’s hilariously impersonal blog.

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