Rick Ross ft. Drake and French Montana – Stay Schemin (video)

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Drizzy’s verse:

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Asher Roth – I Love College (video)

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As I sit here in disbelief watching this standoff between the LAPD and some dude who looks an awful like DJ Khaled driving a Bentley, I’m pretty shocked.  Granted, Khaled is the punchline of every hip-hop head’s jokes, but this obviously isn’t something you’d wish on anyone.  Wow.

In a completely unrelated matter, here’s the new video for Asher’s uber-smash-in-the-making, “I Love College.”  I heard this on the rock station here in Seattle when I was getting a haircut earlier tonight and the buzz is really starting to take off.  I give it one more month before it’s a certified hit and Asher’s a star.  And for the record, I like this song…plus dude is dope.  He’s working with a lot of talented people on his album too, so I think it should eliminate a lot of the Em-parisons.

Now…Khaled…get out of the car and end this peacefully….please.

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The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain – I’m On A Boat (video)

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If you couldn’t tell, they’re on a boat.  Where was Khaled at though?

The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain – “I’m On A Boat”

It’s no Ras Trent, but I’m not mad at it.  I think the Poseidon line did it for me.

Swiped from IllRoots.

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 6-5-08

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(Kanye & Consequence trying to feign interest)

Today’s wack lyric is simply:

Anything that DJ Khaled has ever screamed over his tracks, especially his annoying catch phrases and his gratuitous use of the n-word.

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