Asher Roth ft. Akon – Last Man Standing (video)

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While I don’t think this single is necessarily one of Asher’s stronger lyrical performances recently, I wonder if there are people out there that still don’t realize he can really rhyme.  If so, you must not have peeped the EP with Notttz, nor some of the random leaks from the past year.  I’m looking forward to Asher’s sophomore album solidifying his place in the game and erasing any thoughts that it was solely about “I Love College.”

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Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s A New Day) (video)

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I wish more artists actually took a little bit of pride and social responsibility in their music like Asher has done with his newest single.  It’s dope to see artists mirror their personal growth in their art, but it’s rare.  No second childhood syndrome here, straight #motivationalmusic

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Melanie Fiona on Sound Session

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As much as I like interviewing my favorite MC’s (most of which are dudes), it’s always a much appreciated change of pace when we bring a talented female into the Sound Session studio.  A while back, the lovely Melanie Fiona came through to chop it up with us and play some records from her upcoming album, The Bridge.

While the album’s release has been delayed until August here in the States, peep the interview to hear her discuss the motivation behind the music, why it’s universal to everyone, and how she’s hoping it helps kill off ringtone singles.  She also talked about her Canadian/West Indian background, the process of crossing over to America’s music industry by signing with Steve Rifkind’s SRC label, touring with Kanye West, and more.

You can watch the interview above or download the audio below.

Melanie Fiona on Sound Session
(back up / streaming link –

Be on the lookout for The Bridge dropping soon…y’all haven’t heard anything yet, trust me.

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Asher Roth – I Love College (video)

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As I sit here in disbelief watching this standoff between the LAPD and some dude who looks an awful like DJ Khaled driving a Bentley, I’m pretty shocked.  Granted, Khaled is the punchline of every hip-hop head’s jokes, but this obviously isn’t something you’d wish on anyone.  Wow.

In a completely unrelated matter, here’s the new video for Asher’s uber-smash-in-the-making, “I Love College.”  I heard this on the rock station here in Seattle when I was getting a haircut earlier tonight and the buzz is really starting to take off.  I give it one more month before it’s a certified hit and Asher’s a star.  And for the record, I like this song…plus dude is dope.  He’s working with a lot of talented people on his album too, so I think it should eliminate a lot of the Em-parisons.

Now…Khaled…get out of the car and end this peacefully….please.

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