Murs at the Democratic Convention (big ups to Jake One!)

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All Hip-Hop caught up with Murs at the Democratic National Convention for a quick interview.  Aside from talking a little politics and imploring y’all to vote, he answers one of the weirdest questions I’ve ever heard by bigging up Seattle’s own Jake One.  Murs over “Rock KoKaine Flow”?  I’d love to hear it.  Better yet, I’d love to see Murs and Jake link up for a track or two…

Swiped from illRoots.

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Murs & 9th speak on Sweet Lord (part 2)

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“We have to expose the world to good music or we will all die of stupidity cause rap is really dumb right now”

Say wordAs promised, here’s the second part of Murs and 9th Wonder discussing their most recent collaborative effort, Sweet Lord.  Again, you should download the project immediately since it’s free, and be on the lookout for Murs For President on Sept. 30th.  NW’ers, you can catch Murs at Rock The Bells on the 6th.  Be there.

Swiped from Always Hustle.

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Murs & 9th speak on Sweet Lord (part 1)

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(woah, sneak diss there at the end…yikes.)

Murs, 9th Wonder, and Murs’ hair talk about why you should download Sweet Lord if you haven’t already.  And if you haven’t, why not?  It’s free.  Go grab it here.  Sidenote, has anyone seen an interview where Murs explains his hair?  Seriously, he must have talked about it.  I know people who won’t even check for dude because of it, and I need some funny explanation to placate them.  I might have to ask him about it at Rock The Bells, but really…I don’t want to be that guy.

Courtesy of Always Hustle, who apparently will drop part two tomorrow.

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Murs & 9th Wonder – Sweet Lord

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Murs & 9th Wonder

(image jacked from 2 Dope Boyz)

Murs and 9th Wonder made this EP two years ago and never released it, so with Murs For President dropping September 30th, they decided to use it for a nice promotional tool.  Download and donate on their site if you’re so inclined.  Nothing’s gonna top Murs 3:16 (The 9th Edition), but this will hold me over until the LP.

Download here.

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Murs on Freestyle 101

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Murs stops by G4 TV‘s Freestyle 101 and drops an ill video game inspired verse from off the dome.  Too many people these days think a “freestyle” is just a random verse.  I suppose the definition has changed enough that it can be, but I still maintain the true essence of it is to actually go off the top.  More MC’s need to remember how to do that.  My man Eddie would love the nerdiness of this video, but unfortunately he’s scared to death of the 8th Wonder of the World, aka Murs’ hair.

Swiped from 2 Dope Boyz.

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