Sound Session #572 (10/16/16)

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After a few weeks here in Australia, I’ve decided Sydney is pretty much Vancouver meets San Diego.  As you’d expect when you combine two of the best cities in North America, that results in a pretty awesome place.  Along with its natural Australian sensibilities, it’s got a great mix of US, UK, and Asian influences, and from the downtown core to beach after beach of insanely beautiful coastline (peep the gram), it’s really got everything you might need.  I feel like I’m betraying my new friends here by spreading the word, but the secret is going to get out at some point.  Plus, if the unthinkable happens, I know you guys are going to be assessing your options come November 5th.  Thankfully, that looks less and less likely by the day…get out and vote!  I already sent in my ballot from 8 thousand miles away, so you really don’t have any excuses to let your voice be heard.

On this week’s episode of SNSS, we ran new records from Dave (dope 18 year old rapper from South London), Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Zeds Dead & Pusha T & Rivers Cuomo, GTA, SiR, Like & Kali Uchis (Like’s album is exceptional, make sure you peep it), IshDARR, Duckwrth, Reva DeVito, Chance The Rapper, Kaytranada, TYuS, Bryson Tiller, Solange & Joe Budden, Aaron Abernathy & Phonte & Black Milk, and more.  Black On Both Sides celebrated its 17th birthday last week, so I picked a throwback off that fitting for my travels…


Show #572 (10/16/16)

1. Dave East – “Keisha”
2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ariana DeBoo – “Drug Dealer” (Local Music)
3. Dave – “Wanna Know”
4. Zeds Dead ft. Pusha T & Rivers Cuomo – “Too Young”
5. Divine Council ft. Andre 3000 – “DECEMBA (Remix)”
6. DAEtrius – “ShowOut”
7. GTA ft. Jarina De Marco – “True Romance”
8. SiR – “Queen”
9. Like ft. Kali Uchis – “Blah Loops”
10. Mos Def – “Habitat” (Throwback of the Week)
11. Aaron Abernathy ft. Phonte & Black Milk – “Bachelorette”
12. Francis and the Lights – “Can’t Stay Party”
13. Reva DeVito – “The Move” (Local Music)
14. Kid Cudi – “Surfin’”
15. Chance The Rapper ft. Knox Fortune – “All Night (Kaytranada Extended Joint)”
16. IshDARR – “Sugar”
17. Duckwrth ft. Sabrina Claudio – “I’m Dead”
18. BANKS – “Judas”
19. Mura Masa ft. ASAP Rocky – “Love$ick”
20. Pusha T ft. Desiigner & Ty Dolla Sign – “Circles”
21. TYuS – “Slow Jam” (Local Music)
22. Bryson Tiller – “Let Me Explain”
23. Solange ft. Joe Budden – “Don’t You Wait (Remix)”
24. John Legend – “Love Me Now”

Link to download –

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Donny Goines – I Am Moving (video)

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Since my other job deals with music videos, I think TAOD is going to end up showcasing even more dope clips than I would have previously.  Here’s the new one for Donny Goines’ “I Am Moving,” a track that premiered on MTVu earlier today.  Fans of DMX’s It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot will remember the producer, Dame Grease, from “Get At Me Dog,” “Damien,” “Stop Being Greedy,” the criminally underrated classic, “The Convo,” and more.

You can help get the homey Donny into rotation on MTVu by voting for him right here.  Support hip-hop and cast a vote against generic emo pop rock at the same time.  Seems like a win/win to me.

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Let’s make history

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You know what needs to be done.  Vote today, no excuses.

USA vote for Obama.  WA vote for Gregoire.  Let’s get to work.

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Sound Session #179 (11-2-08) – prObama Edition

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Wow. I can’t believe we’re here: less than 24 hours from Election Day.  After all the hard work everyone has put in over the past year (and more for some of y’all), it’s finally time to go to the polls and vote for change.  By voting for Barack Obama tomorrow, we’re telling the world that America is ready to turn the corner on the last 8 years and move into the future with the right policies, strategies, beliefs, and behavior.  It’s time to regain our position at the head of the table and make the world a better place.  We’ll lead by example from here on out.

Throughout the election cycle, hip-hop has played an important and influential role, one that future generations will look back upon and recognize much more than we do right now.  Yes, at times, our culture does more harm than good, but overall, hip-hop continues to be the voice of young people around the world.  It drives popular culture and was synergistically tied into Barack’s entire campaign, providing an ever changing soundtrack throughout the primary and general elections.

On last night’s Sound Session, we ran an entire prObama show and played nothing but songs written for and inspired by Barack.  Big shout to all the artists who used their platform to speak on such important issues and apologies to those who we didn’t get to play on the show due to time constraints.  It may seem corny, but everyone who has made Obama songs over the past 2 years has really played a part in this campaign.  Somewhere, somebody was moved by the art you created…and that’s what it’s all about.

Another huuuuuge shout to Michelle Gregoire, daughter of Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, for coming through and co-hosting the show.  She broke down exactly why Barack and Michelle Obama have endorsed Gov. Gregoire’s bid for reelection, and why we all need to vote for Gregoire when casting our ballots for Obama.  This may be a “change” election nationally, but here in Washington, Gov. Gregoire has done a great job and deserves another 4 years…especially with like-minded people coming into power in Congress, the Senate, and the White House.  With everyone pushing progressive policies, we’ll see a lot of great things happen in the next 8 years, both nationally and at home here in Washington.

Lastly, many thanks to the founder of Hidden Beach Recordings, Steve McKeever, for calling in to talk about the Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement album they released in conjunction with the Obama campaign.  Be sure to check out the full interview through one of the links below.

Download this episode of SNSS and spread it around to anyone who’s fired up about this historic time.  If you’re waiting in line tomorrow at the polls, bump this in your mp3 player and remember what you’re doing this all for.  Change is coming and it starts with us.  GO VOTE TOMORROW!

Show #179 (11-2-08)
**Co-Hosted by Michelle Gregoire**

  1. Big Boi ft. Mary J. Blige – “Sumthin’ Gotta Give”
  2. DJ Green Lantern – “Stand Up (Interlude)”
  3. Dres (of Black Sheep) – “The Choice Is Yours (Taster’s Choice Remix)”
  4. 6th Sense – “Ignite The People (Like Obama)”
  5. Daytona – “Can I Kick It”
  6. Jay Smooth – “A Poem For The Young Voter”
  7. John Mayer ft. Twista & Joe Budden – “Waiting On The World To Change (DJ Green Lantern Remix)”
  8. M.anifest – “Age Of Obama”
  9. Kidz In The Hall ft. Talib Kweli & Bun B – “Work To Do (Change Remix)”
  10. Cocoa Tea – “Barack Obama”
  11. DJ Green Lantern ft. Gabe Real & Jay-Z – “What We Need”
  12. Wyclef Jean – “Obama For President”
  13. Nas ft. Johnny Polygon – “Black President”
  14. Joell Ortiz ft. Dante Hawkins – “Letter To Obama”
  15. H-Town All-Stars (Bun B, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Cory Mo, & Trae) – “Obama ‘08”
  17. Malik Yusef ft. Kanye West & Adam Levine (of Maroon 5) – “Promised Land”
  18. DJ Green Lantern ft. Jay-Z – “Lick A Shot”
  19. Ludacris – “Get Buck Freestyle (Politics (Obama Is Here))”
  20. DJ Noodles – “Division & Fear (Interlude)”
  21. RAtheMC – “Ready Or Not”
  22. DJ Green Lantern – “Find Ur Dreams (Interlude)”
  23. Alpha – “Obama ’08 (Do The Knowledge)”
  24. DJ Green Lantern ft. Wale, Rhymefest, Christina K, & Royce The 5’9” – “Black President (Remix, Pt. 2)”
  25. DJ Green Lantern – “1 Mic, 1 People (Interlude)”
  26. Rock City – “Paper Planes Freestyle (Ride For Obama)”
  27. Nappy Roots – “Good Day (The Barack Obama Yes We Can Remix)”

Link to download the mp3 of the show –
(back up / streaming link – )

Link to download the full interview with Steve McKeever –
(back up / streaming link – )

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Steve McKeever on Sound Session

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Over the weekend, I got the chance to talk with Steve McKeever, the founder of Hidden Beach Recordings, for the latest edition of Sound Session.  You’re probably familiar with the label through their releases from some of the dopest soul & jazz artists (Jill Scott, Kindred, Bebe Winans, Mike Phillips, Tony Rich, Lina, etc.), but they also recently teamed up with the Barack Obama campaign to release Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement.  The compilation features great songs from artists like Kanye West, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Ozomatli, and more, and all the money goes directly to the Obama campaign.

With November 4th only 2 days away, I talked with Steve about how this project came about, what issues are most important to him this election, what words of wisdom he wanted to impart to the youth, and more.  You can check out the entire interview below:

Steve McKeever on Sound Session
(back up / streaming link – )

After you check out the interview, head on over to to cop the album and donate to the campaign.  Every little bit helps as we push through the finish line.  After the 4th, the album will be available in normal retail locations.  In any case, GET OUT AND VOTE!

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Don’t…DON’T…do it

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So, in other words, vote.

If you missed the first one, click here.  This time around, some of my favorite people in Hollywood get involved: Big Will, Scarlett, Justy, Harrison, Stiller, etc.  LOL @ Ryan Reynolds’ Canadian ass being in there though*

*ok, so I’m still slightly salty that he married Scarlett.

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David Banner talks Election ’08

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(watch it in High-Def on HyphenTV)

A few weeks back, David Banner came through Sound Session and I jumped at the chance to talk a little politics with one of the more socially aware rappers out there.  Granted, Banner drops his fair share of standard commercial/club type joints (“Play” comes to mind…), but it’s all about balance, and he provides that with his social commentary.

In this clip, Banner talked with me about the importance of the election coming up a week from today.  He explained why he supports Barack Obama, what the presidential candidate represents to him, and why it’s critical that the youth get involved in the political process.  With the election so close, we really need everyone on board down the home stretch.  Are you in or are you out?

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Yes We Can

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Yes We Can

Feels good, doesn’t it?

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Jumpoff Joe Biden speaks to Washington

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If you weren’t able to make it to Tacoma last Sunday to hear Joe speak, here are a few short highlights.  It may sound trite, but he’s right.  Every vote really does count, especially here in Washington where Governor Gregoire needs your support.

If you have your absentee ballot, vote now.  If you have some free time in the next 10 days, volunteer to help out right here.  And that’s not just empty rhetoric, I’ve been volunteering since the start of summer.  Get out there and help bring us across the finish line.

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Z-Trip – Obama Mix

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One of the dopest DJ’s on the planet, Z-Trip, linked up with Shepard Fairey (you know, the guy who made this) to put together a bunch of fundraisers for the next President of the United States.  He just put his mix from these parties online, so we can all download and enjoy some great music mashed up with Barack’s incredible words.  There’s even a clean edit available on his site for all you fellow radio people.  We may have to play this on Sound Session on Nov. 2nd…gOBAMA.

Download here.

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