Z-Trip – Obama Mix

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One of the dopest DJ’s on the planet, Z-Trip, linked up with Shepard Fairey (you know, the guy who made this) to put together a bunch of fundraisers for the next President of the United States.  He just put his mix from these parties online, so we can all download and enjoy some great music mashed up with Barack’s incredible words.  There’s even a clean edit available on his site for all you fellow radio people.  We may have to play this on Sound Session on Nov. 2nd…gOBAMA.

Download here.

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If you can’t use the internet, you can’t be president

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It’s 2008!  Seriously!  I don’t care what your views or policies might be…you could agree with me 100%…but if you can’t use the most vital technological invention of our time, you are not fit to lead the free world.  I’ve heard some Republicans try to say this is a meaningless issue, but it really isn’t.  If you don’t understand how the world conducts business, how people communicate, and how students learn, how can you expect to lead us to the future?  You can’t.  You’ll end up keeping us in the same place and as the rest of the world progresses, we’ll be left further and further behind in every aspect of our society.

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Murs’ press conference > RNC

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Murs’ press conference for Murs For President is about 9870983120322x better than this crap the Republicans are trying to push on us through their convention speeches. I just heard McCain was a war hero…did y’all know that? Why do they keep these things so underwraps?

They’re breaking world records for jingoism in Bolt/Phelps-esque fashion. This is why the world hates us.

Swiped from DopeBoyz.

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Murs & 9th speak on Sweet Lord (part 2)

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“We have to expose the world to good music or we will all die of stupidity cause rap is really dumb right now”

Say word.  As promised, here’s the second part of Murs and 9th Wonder discussing their most recent collaborative effort, Sweet Lord.  Again, you should download the project immediately since it’s free, and be on the lookout for Murs For President on Sept. 30th.  NW’ers, you can catch Murs at Rock The Bells on the 6th.  Be there.

Swiped from Always Hustle.

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