Flume ft. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut – Space Cadet (video)

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Flume is an Australian producer who released a really good project, then remixed it and added all sorts of dope MC’s to the tracks (like Ghostface, Freddie Gibbs, Killer Mike, and more).  Here’s the trippy cartoon video for “Space Cadet.”

Not convinced, peep this record called “Insane” with Moon Holiday:

So dope.

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Million $ Mano speaks on Kanye’s “Lost In The World”

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Interesting story from Million $ Mano about how his work ended up forming the backbone for Kanye’s “Lost In The World.”  Apparently he wasn’t credited on initial copies of the album but he’ll get his due in newer pressings.  Either way, it’s always cool to hear stories about how Kanye is down to work with lesser known, but always dope, artists and keep the cycle going.  It’s rather refreshing to see cats just excited about making dope music…

That said, producers: make sure you get your publishing in order.  Otherwise, when they ask “who will survive in America?”  It won’t be you.

Full interview over at Ruby Hornet.

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DJ Khalil explains the making of “Kinda Like A Big Deal”

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So dope.  This is how you make a classic record.

Shout to HipHopOfficial for putting together a great piece.

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Cook Classics on Hip-Hop Official

Posted in Artists, Other Peoples' Interviews, Videos on February 25th, 2009 by Hyphen

Chyea, go ‘head Cook.  If you aren’t familiar with the homey Will, you need to get familiar.  He’s insanely talented and as he mentioned, he’s producing full ideas and making soundscapes that go above and beyond merely “making beats.”  [Mos] Get his rookie card now, while the price is cheap [/Def].

Shout to Greg, Tunj, and the whole 5-C’s.

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Tha Bizness walk you through My President Is Black

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As a new owner of a sparkling MacBook Pro, I was definitely curious to see Henny and Dow Jones break down the making of Jeezy’s “My President Is Black” joint using Logic.  I’m not a huge fan of this song, mainly because Jeezy’s lyrics just come off so ridiculous.  I mean…even more than usual.  Hearing him try to be half-political, half-Jeezy is just odd.  “My president is black!  My Lambo’s blue.”  Hmmmm.

Can someone CC Allah on this post for me though?

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Pac vs. Ferdinand

Posted in Art, Artists, Music Videos on December 6th, 2008 by Hyphen

Damn, the homey Ryan Lewis is insanely talented.  Not only does he take incredible photographs and make dope beats, but apparently he remixes and does video production too?  Here’s a little class project he recently created, mashing together some Franz Ferdinand and 2Pac.

If you’re looking for any sort of dope artistry, definitely holler at him.  Peep his new website here.  Oh, and he designed his own page as well…obviously. Leave some talent for the rest of us dude.

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88 Keys – Adam’s Case Files

Posted in Artists, Joints on June 12th, 2008 by Hyphen

Keys Cover

Chyea, one of the illest producers in the game, 88 Keys just dropped Adam’s Case Files: The Mixtape in preparation of his debut solo album, The Death of Adam. I interviewed Keys a few weeks ago for Sound Session (if you missed that, you can peep it here), and he mentioned the tape would be out there soon for people to download. Well, that time is now. Featuring appearances by Tanya Morgan, Guilty Simpson, Grafh, Big Sean, Mr. Bentley, Serius Jones, Izza Kizza, and Kid Cudi. Back cover (with tracklisting) and download link after the jump.

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