David Dallas – Ever Get The Feeling (video)

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Shout to Che and David. Dopeness from NZ.

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David Dallas – Pay Off (video)

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The homey David Dallas relocated from New Zealand to New York and just dropped the video for the first song leaked off his Falling Into Place album.  Or as he put it:

“Sometimes you just wanna make a rap video at a days notice. Especially when you grow up on the other side of the earth and get a chance to go to a place you’ve only seen in skate vids, the Mo Money, Mo Problems music video and at the end of Men In Black. No days off until this thing takes off.”

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David Dallas – Take A Picture (video)

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Here are the newest visuals from the homey David Dallas, all the way from New Zealand to NYC. I really like the vibe of this record and the video too, plus…he rapped with a kitten in his hoody. I mean…come on. Epic.

The video was conceived by Special Problems (production company behind Alicia Key’s HP commercial) and sees 7 different directors/animators interpreting 7 parts of the song. Each person was given a segment of the song and access to David Dallas. A few rules were put in place. Each scene was to be shot on a different format: 16mm film, VHS, Stop Motion, 3d Animation, and during the creation of the video, the directors were not allowed to know what each other were doing. The result is a series of beautiful, very different images pieced together to make the video.

Download The Rose Tint if you haven’t already!

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David Dallas – The Rose Tint (album)

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David Dallas has traveled all the way from New Zealand to Harlem in order to help spread the word about his music and he just released a free project called The Rose Tint.  Sound Session listeners already know, but for those who have been sleeping, get familiar!  Download below:

Download here.

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David Dallas ft. Freddie Gibbs – Caught In A Daze (video)

Posted in Artists, Music Videos on March 29th, 2011 by Hyphen

The homey David Dallas is gearing up for his Duck Down assisted assault on the North American market after conquering his homeland, New Zealand, and he’s just released the visuals for “Caught In A Daze” with Freddie Gibbs. Shot in Los Angeles and Papatoetoe (how many videos can say that?) by Askew1, the track can also be downloaded here:

David Dallas ft. Freddie Gibbs – “Caught In A Daze”

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