Talib Kweli, Buckshot, & Pete Rock in NYC

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VIMBY – One Step Beyond: Talib Kweli

Tunji sent over this dope video of Talib (with Hi-Tek!), Buck, and Pete performing at the American Museum of Natural History a few weeks back.  Pete Rosenberg makes a good point – back in the day, who would have thought you’d see hip-hop take over a place like that?  Very ill.

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Oh i’m there.

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I was just talking about planning my next adventure abroad, and how I need to hit Asia & Australia to complete my continent bingo card, and now I’m going to have to put that on hold.  I’ll wait until this is finished, cause it sounds like the coolest place ever.

‘Jackie Chan Museum’ Shows His Glory

Jackie Chan’s legendary career will be archived in a new museum for which the star laid the foundation Tuesday in Shanghai.

Chan handpicked the location for the museum, which will be named after him, in the Changfeng Ecology Commercial District in Shanghai’s Putuo District, Sina.com.cn says.

The museum will largely be renovated from old factory buildings. When completed on October 1 next year, it will take up about 3,100 square meters.

Visitors will be able to retrace Chan’s footsteps from Hong Kong to Hollywood, and navigate through detailed showpieces of Chan from being a Chinese icon, a kung-fu megastar to a charity devotee, Sina says.

Also on display will be some of Chan’s film awards, as well as costumes and props he has used.

Besides the museum, more side projects have been put on the actor’s agenda. According to Chan’s Web site, he recently signed a contract in Yunnan Province for a Jackie Chan Peace Garden, which he will cooperate with the local government to promote “Environment, Friendship, and Charity.” An earlier report also quoted Chan as saying that he was planning to build a kung-fu school. (Source)

Jackie’s always been one of my favorite people in the entertainment industry, so this museum sounds like a great experience.  Shout to my man Jason from back in the day who used to smuggle bootleg Jackie movies from Hong Kong for all of us to enjoy.  We even met dude at the U-Village Barnes & Noble one year for his book signing.  That was legit.

What’s your favorite Jackie Chan movie?  I’m rolling with Thunderbolt.  Come on man…kung-fu + racing Skylines & Eclipses?  It’s a wrap.  The pachinko parlor scene is legendary.

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