Pac Div – Savages (video)

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Cot damn, the title to this record is so fitting. Super grimy slap.

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Pac Div ft. Mac Miller and Raven Sorvino – Black Acura (video)

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New visuals from Pac Div off their GMB album.  My guy Like kinda murdered it.

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Pac Div – Posted (video)

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Pac Div’s The Div project comes out on Tuesday.  Support some of the game’s best.

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Pac Div – Your F*ckin Song (video)

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It’s late on a Saturday night and I don’t really feel like typing. You should watch this video though.

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Pac Div – Fallin’ (video)

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During one of the 329821329834230 times I saw the Pac Div homies rock live at SXSW, I remember tweeting that they make the exact kind of hip-hop I like the most. “Fallin'” off their Mania release is just such a record.  While I may take excursions into other sub-genres, it’s essentially the same experience I have while consuming other forms of media: fantasy land is fun to visit, but I live in the real world and relate to that real music.  Exhibit A above.

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Pac Div – Pac Div (video)

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Ahhhhh, are you kidding me?  This is so ridiculously fresh.  As soon as I heard this song a while back, it was an instant classic.  The video is simple, but works and captures the mid-90’s vibe nicely.  If you missed Pac Div on SNSS, check out the interview here and please download Church League Champions ASAP if you’re still sleeping…

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Pac Div on Sound Session

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A little before Pac Div dropped their Church League Champions project, Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung came through the Sound Session studio to chop it up on a variety of topics.  We discussed that mixtape, the digital EP they put on iTunes a while back, and of course their upcoming full length debut, Grown Kid Syndrome.  They also talked about the importance of their live show, how their creative process likens to their game on the court, their favorite underrated West Coast MC’s, the L.A. scene, a possible collaboration with Andre 3000, and much more.

Pac Div on Sound Session
(back up / streaming link –

This was one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve done, mainly because chilling with Pac Div reminded me of kicking it with my college homies back in SoCal.  These dudes are real hip-hop heads who love Dilla and basketball…pretty much all it takes to be cool in my book.  Plus, we’re both fans of the Arizona Wildcats and even spent time commiserating over that damn 2001 NCAA Championship game.  For the record: I still hate you, Mike Dunleavy.

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Pac Div + DJ Khalil = DOOM

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Ahhh, I love ish like this.  Just a dope ass beat and 3 ill MC’s [hip-hop slang i hate] going in [/hhsih] over it.  Shout to Pac Div, Sean G, and Khalil

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Pac Div – Church League Champions (mixtape)

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The long awaited mixtape from Pac Div, Church League Champions, is finally here and it’s heatery, as expected.  As you can tell by the brilliant title, Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung are huge hoops fans and I actually have a great interview with them talking about their music and their favorite sports memories.  Any dudes who love the 2001 Arizona team as much as I do are alright in my book.  It helps that they’re dope ass artists too of course…

Interview coming soon, but in the meantime, bump that new new:

Download here.

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Pac Div – Mayor (video)

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The long awaited video for Pac Div’s “Mayor” just dropped and I think the visuals fit nicely with the 2009 west coast anthem (any other contenders so far?).  Rapping in front of the old Forum was a great touch, though using the “clean” edit with dirty adlibs and sample in the beat was kinda strange.  Universal Motown had that problem when they first sent out the clean edit and it looks like it struck again.  No matter, still a dope track and that beat [west coaster] is hella hooard homey [/*dub*].

Video courtesy of OnSmash.  Be on the lookout for a Pac Div appearance on SNSS soon…

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