Obama addresses the economic crisis

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It’s time to put the smack down on these Republicans and their sickening behavior in the House and Senate. Not only are they being contrarian just for the sake of arguing, they have absolutely no legs to stand on.  When you’ve run the country into its lowest point since the Great Depression and have made wrong decision after wrong decision, your opinions and theories are null and void.  You had your chance and you failed…epically.

I’m glad Barack is playing nice with these fools, but they’ll soon find out that all their whining and complaining is going to be moot as he gets to work.  I just wish they’d spare us the show.  STFU and sit your ass down in the backseat.  You drove the country off the pavement at every fork in the road, and now you’re trying to tell us how to drive.  Why on earth should anyone listen to you?

Do your thing Barack and let’s get this headed in the right direction.

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Keating Economics

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In the immortal words of Cam’Ron on Bill O’Reilly, “I got dirty on you doggy!!!!!”

But in all seriousness, this is rather important stuff.  For many of us, the Keating Five scandal happened when we were just children.  I certainly didn’t know anything about it at the time, and only heard vague references about it before becoming heavily interested in politics a few years ago.

In essence, the behavior and decisions McCain made during this scandal, and even today, make it painfully clear that he is not someone who should have any impact over our economy, especially during a crisis like this.  I’m not an economist, but I do firmly believe that there’s a certain level of regulation that you need.  The basic Republican tenet of deregulation has been shown time and time again that it’s not beneficial for the country.  Simply put, they are awful in all economic matters unless you’re “rich.”  May I remind you:


Even if we make every single right decision from here on out, it will take years for us to recover, let alone excel.  Obama’s plan and team of economic advisors is head and shoulders above McCain’s, which is why the Republicans have decided to throw the kitchen sink of smears at Barack.  It’ll continue to get worse, until McCain completely ruins any sort of positive legacy he has cultivated over the years.  But actually, when you look at things like the Keating Five, perhaps his reputation isn’t so sterling after all.

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Chris Rock on Larry King Live

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This happened a few days ago, but I missed it live and just spotted it on the net.  Absolutely brilliant.  There are a ton of classic quotes in here but I really like that line about the Presidency being run like a radio station contest.  I agree completely.

The only part my animal activist self would have changed was the Palin hunting joke about “why is Michael Vick in jail?”  I think hunting for sport should be illegal (it’s…pointless), so I’d welcome anyone who kills some animal for fun going to jail.  I thought the Bible said “thou shall not kill.”  Did they change it when I wasn’t looking and add “…humans?”  Anyway, part two below:

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Letterman ethers McCain

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In case you missed this from last night, Dave pwns McCain after canceling his appearance.  It’s definitely fine to cancel, but their camp said he would be immediately flying back to Washington DC to work on the economic crisis.  In actuality, he stayed in NYC for an interview and another appearance, and left later that evening.  LOL @ getting busted lying by a talk show host.  I love that Letterman and The View have called out some of the buffoonery more than the mainstream news media.

Don’t make me post Palin’s atrocious performance in the Katie Couric interview.  Dear God.

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Jay Smooth on the economic crisis

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Smart people > dumb people.  When you continually vote for “the guy you want to have a beer with,” this is what happens.  Be a lame or be a leader.  Which side are you on?

Swiped from Jay Smooth.

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The Plan

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Take some time and educate yourself @ BarackObama.com/plan.  It’s hilarious that people still have the audacity to suggest Barack hasn’t laid out what “change” means, and doubly as offensive when McCain’s answer to our economic problems is to simply create a commission to review the issue.  His campaign also said it wasn’t necessary to explain exactly what they would do in response to our economic crisis and he says our “economy is strong” on a daily basis.  This is a joke, right?

In related news, that ether:

Please make sure you and your friends are registered to vote.  This election is too important to sit out or vote from an uninformed perspective.  You have a responsibility.

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