Clipse – Freedom (video)

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(shout to OnSmash with the premiere)

I love that I can follow up a post on design reform geared towards the triple bottom line with a hip-hop video/song that’s hard as f**k.  Such is, TAOD.

Anyway, I think Till The Casket Drops had a few sub-par moments (only for the Clipse’s high standards), but the highlights are 3 of the best tracks of the past year: “Kinda Like A Big Deal,” “Popular Demand,” and now “Freedom.”  Malice’s verse is nice, but Pusha slaughtered it.  He owns you all.

Be sure to check out our last interview with the Clipse as well, right here.

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Clipse ft. Cam’ron & Pharrell – Popular Demand (video)

Posted in Artists, Music Videos on November 17th, 2009 by Hyphen

The long awaited video for one of the best tracks of the year just hit the net and I think it’s safe to say that the Clipse are officially killing it right now.  Aside from “All Eyes On Me” with Keri Hilson, every joint that’s leaked from Till The Casket Drops has been flames.  If you missed Pusha and Malice talk about this record on Sound Session recently, peep the back story:

Check the full interview here.

Has anyone asked Pusha about that rather potent shot at Lebron and apparently sharing a groupie?  Normally, the tabloid stuff is just that, but it sounds like there’s some truth to this one and it’s a little personal.  Either way, hilarious.  Pusha’s flow is disgustingly ill on that first verse too.

Oh, and for the record – fast food: we off that.

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The Clipse speak on “Popular Demand (Popeyes)” on Sound Session

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The Clipse rolled through the Sound Session studio last month and spoke with me all about their upcoming album, Till The Casket Drops.  I’ll be posting up the full interview soon, but in the interim, seeing as how their “Popular Demand (Popeyes)” track with Cam’ron leaked last week and set the net ablaze, I thought I would toss up this part for y’all.

In the clip, Pusha and Malice discuss how the track came together, their motivation behind the record, and how Cam dissed them in 2002 by declining their offer to be on the “Grindin'” remix.  Download the track here:

Clipse ft. Cam’ron and Pharrell – “Popular Demand (Popeyes)”

Full interview coming soon…

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