Focus on Sound Session

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Hands down, my favorite part of hosting a radio show for the last decade (wow…i’m old) is helping shine light on folks who aren’t getting the respect they deserve.  Now, those within the industry obviously know how talented Focus is, but the general public is still a bit behind.  Recently, they’ve started to learn as he’s unleashed his “homage” series of songs dedicated towards some of his biggest inspirations (DJ Premier, J Dilla, and Pete Rock so far).

We had the chance to catch up with Focus on Sound Session and talk all about how that series came together and who will be next up to receive a homage production.  We also talked about his background (his dad was the bass player in Chic…what!?!), what it’s like working with Dre on Detox, his creative process, the development of his artist, Kida, why there are more good beats than good rappers, and much more.  You can even hear Kida’s new track with Focus, “Must Be Nice,” included in the interview.  Peep it:

Focus on Sound Session
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Be on the lookout for the next homage to drop real soon and please stop sleeping on this dude.  He flips every style better than most producers flip their specialties and he’s also taking music in his own direction at the same time.  Get familiar now or play catch up later.

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Bishop Lamont on Sound Session

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When describing my taste in hip-hop, I’ve always explained that my favorite kind of artists are those that make that “everyman” kind of music. Not only is it generally truthful and authentic, but I can relate to it much more than the trite, generic, exaggerated styles that usually receive so much exposure. That’s not to say that music can’t be good and I won’t bump it, but I’ve always preferred to listen to good ish that I connect to and can make me think.

Most of the time, this split launches the useless “commercial vs. underground” debate, but I think the best artists are those that can exist in both sub-genres. People like Outkast, Nas, and Kanye have become legends in this lane, and there are a ton of upcoming artists staking their claim as well. A lot of them seem to be coming out of Los Angeles right now, with Blu, Inverse, U-N-I, and Pacific Division leading the way. Another MC that fits into that category is one I’ve been listening to for years, Bishop Lamont.

Since signing with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label in 2005, Bishop’s seen his popularity skyrocket, and deservingly so. He’s released a series of excellent mixtapes (Pope Mobile, Caltroit w/Black Milk, The Confessional, etc.), and now he’s prepping his debut album, The Reformation, due out in November. At the same time, he’s been working with Dre on his mythical Detox project, serving in the same capacity as Snoop did for The Chronic.

He recently took time out of that busy schedule to call in to Sound Session and discuss all things Aftermath. He talked about all the details surrounding The Reformation, what it’s like working with Dre, what’s hiding in the legendary Aftermath vaults, and much more. Bishop even told some behind the scenes Detox stories. You can check out the entire interview here:

Bishop Lamont on Sound Session
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With Bishop leading things off and new projects from Eminem, 50 Cent, and Dre on the way, look for Aftermath to make a huge impact over the next year. It all starts with The Reformation in November. Get ready.

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Bishop Lamont on the red carpet at HOB LA

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The homey Bishop Lamont sold out the House of Blues Los Angeles recently and a whole bunch of the new west coast movement showed up to support.  Bishop also speaks briefly on his upcoming album, The Reformation, but you can hear a much more thorough discussion on everything he’s doing on Sound Session in the next few weeks…stay tuned.

Spotted on Nah Right.

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