Sound Session #274 (8-29-10)

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Check out this week’s edition of SNSS to hear brand new music from the likes of Slum Village, Black Milk, Kanye West, Vandalyzm, Cee-Lo, Aloe Blacc, Lupe Fiasco, Fresh Daily, Nas, J. Cole, Drake, Nottz, and more.  Speaking of those last 3, there are 2 events this week that all our fellow Pacific NW’ers should come to Seattle for:

  • Thursday, Sept. 2nd – Red Bull Big Tune at Neumos.  You already know what it is since J. Moore is one of the founding members of the Red Bull Big Tune, but if you’re sleeping for some reason, peep the site for more info.  This year’s Seattle stop goes down on Thursday and along with a plethora of talented producers from around the NW, Nottz and DJ Toomp will be on hand as the featured guests.  To top it all off, it’s FREE.  You have no excuse not to be there…unless you’re agoraphobic, I suppose.
  • Saturday, Sept. 4th – Monday, Sept. 6th – Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival at the Seattle Center.  That’s right, the world famous Bumbershoot Festival is back for it’s 40th year, complete with all sorts of incredible musicians.  Seriously, the lineup is packed across all genres.  Check it out here.  Be sure to peep the main stage on Monday evening to catch J. Cole and Drake perform at the same concert for the first time.  You’ll also be treated to Mary J. Blige closing out the show that night, plus J. Moore and myself will be hosting.  I think this is the 5th year J and I have hosted the main stage and it’s always a blast.  Last year, I was fortunate enough to DJ for the U-N-I homies (footage if you missed it) and this year we get J. Cole and Drizzy.  Doesn’t get much better…

Show #274 (8-29-10)

  1. Drake ft. Young Jeezy – “Unforgettable”
  2. Slum Village ft. Little Brother – “Where Do We Go From Here”
  3. Black Milk ft. Royce Da 5’9” & Elzhi – “Deadly Medley”
  4. Kanye West ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, & Bon Iver – “Monster”
  5. Vandalyzm – “Get Dough”
  6. 2 Hungry Bros. & 8thW1 – “Stupid Face”
  8. J. Pinder – “Upside Down” (Local Music)
  9. Cee-Lo – “Forget You”
  10. Aloe Blacc – “Loving You Is Killing Me”
  11. Choklate ft. Drake – “Overdose” (Local Music)
  12. Lupe Fiasco – “Go To Sleep”
  13. Fresh Daily – “All Black (Menelik)”
  14. Shad – “Rose Garden”
  15. J. Cole – “Blow Up”
  16. Nas – “Power, Paper, & P***y”
  17. DMX – “The Convo” (Throwback of the Week)
  18. Nottz ft. Alchemist – “The 1ne”
  19. Lace Cadence – “Moonlight” (Local Music)
  20. Seu Jorge & Almaz – “Rock With You”

Link to download the mp3 of the show –
(back up / streaming link –
(2nd back up –

If there are any problems with the links or if you’d like to be added to our weekly email list to receive the playlist and download links after every show, just shoot me an email,

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Ghostface x Frank Dukes x Red Bull Big Tune

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Just like C-Sick last year, the winner of the last Red Bull Big Tune beat battle got to choose a legendary MC to get in the studio with and Frank Dukes chose Ghostface.  I heard some hilarious stories about this trip to L.A. from behind the scenes, but peep the beginning of part 2 for a brief example.  Ghost is crazy.

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Red Bull Big Tune @ SXSW

Posted in Artists, Live Performances, Sound Session, Videos on April 10th, 2010 by Hyphen

I mean…look at all the homies involved.  It’s so dope to be able to call these folks friends and I couldn’t be prouder of what J. Moore and the fellas have built with the Big Tune series. Shout to the homey Budo on a huge win, but also congrats to KT for being an alien with beats human beings are not worthy of rapping over. If you weren’t lucky enough to be in Austin for this, enjoy the video recap…

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The Making of Nas & C-Sick’s “Film”…and the REAL mp3

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By now, most of you have heard Nas’ collaboration with the 2009 Red Bull Big Tune champion, C-Sick, but I thought I’d post up the ill behind the scenes footage of the making of “Film.”  Above, you can peep a little background on C-Sick’s journey, while the two studio segments are below.

Also, neither of the 2 versions of the song that have leaked online so far are the final edit, so I’m posting that up too.  In case you’re living in the woods, my co-host on Sunday Night Sound Session, J. Moore, created the Red Bull Big Tune with Vitamin D, Jake One, DV-One, and Marcus Lalario.  The homies helped put this song together and even recruited Seattle’s own Choklate to sing the hook.  Due to sample clearance issues, C-Sick’s original beat had to be replayed, and you’ve yet to hear the final, official version of the track…until now.  Enjoy!

Nas ft. Choklate – “Film” (final version)

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Red Bull Big Tune viewing & listening party

Posted in Artists, Live Performances, Sound Session on July 27th, 2009 by Hyphen

People around the 206 know that I’m notorious for not going to many shows, but I may have to make an appearance this Wednesday at the Vera Project (in Seattle Center, right next to Key Arena).  As J. Moore, Jake One, Vitamin D, DV-One, and Markus do in every city that Big Tune hits, the entire week is filled with great events for the public and for the participants.  Since Seattle is the home of the event, you already know that we’ve got some dope stuff going on before this Friday’s battle at the War Room.

Case in point, hit up the Vera on Wednesday for a free show from The Physics, J. Pinder, and Spaceman, along with an exclusive video documenting the collaboration between last year’s Big Tune winner, C-Sick, and the legendary Nas.  See y’all there.

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Red Bull Big Tune Special on BET tonight!

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In case you aren’t aware, the Red Bull Big Tune event is the brainchild of our very own J. Moore, along with the big homies Vitamin D, Jake One, Marcus Lalario, and DV-One.  Saturday night, the 11th, you can watch an excellent special on this past year’s competitions on BET at 7:30 EST/PST.  Don’t miss it, for real.  206 stand up.

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Black Milk & Elzhi perform at Red Bull Big Tune in Seattle

Posted in Artists, Live Performances, Videos on December 21st, 2008 by Hyphen

As I showed y’all yesterday, we’re snowed in here in Seattle and as a matter of fact, it’s even worse than it was during that video.  I think we’re up to about half a foot of packed snow on the ground, with no signs of it letting up for the next few days.  It’s really cool looking outside and fun to walk around in, but the downside is that I’ve been stuck around my house for 4 days straight now.  Wait…that’s probably not such a bad thing…I have good food, a warm place, football (and futbol!) on TV, and I’ve been able to finish up a ton of work.  I take it back, this snow thing is kinda dope.

Well, aside from the fact that I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet and I’m suppose to be moving in 10 days.  If I have to move my couch on ice skates, I’ma be very, very upset.

Anyway, in the meantime, I’ve been getting some old projects finished.  Here’s some simple Flip Cam footage I grabbed of the homies Black Milk and Elzhi performing at the Red Bull Big Tune stop here in Seattle on 9/12/08.  If you recall, we recorded a dope interview with them the day before, which you can still check out right here.

At the show, they ran through some of their illest songs, including “Sound The Alarm,” “Motown 25,” “Hiding Place,” “1, 2,” and more.  If you’ve never seen Milk and El rock live, you’re missing out.

“Detroit in the muhf****n’ buildin'”

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Brain’s laptop sucks

Posted in Artists, Videos on November 19th, 2008 by Hyphen

…but he makes dope music off it, so I ain’t mad!

The homey Brainstorm of Dyme Def won our 2008 Redbull Big Tune beat battle a while back and now he’s preparing for the finals out in NYC.  Peep the preview video and get familiar with young Brainy Stacks.  Shout to our runner up, Rising Son, who will also be representing Seattle in the finals.  Good luck fellas!

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Red Bull Big Tune 2008 – Seattle

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I’m glad this video is dope, because otherwise I’d almost feel contractually obligated to post it.  Let’s see…

  • It features a ton of my good friends.
  • It bigs up the 206.
  • The Red Bull Big Tune was created by the other half of Sound Session, J. Moore, along with the homies Jake One, Vitamin D, and Marcus.
  • I was in the building.
  • It’s a great event.
  • Budo is hilarious.

I could go on, but the video is pretty self explanatory.  Congrats to Brainstorm and Rising Son for advancing to the finals in NYC.  Let’s hope we get back to back Seattle champions…

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Red Bull Big Tune – Seattle events

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Big Tune Seattle

Yes, yes y’all.  It’s finally time for the Seattle stop of the Red Bull Big Tune (an event that originated here with my people J. Moore, Vitamin D, Jake One, DV-One, and Marcus Lalario) and here’s the itinerary for the week:

Monday, Sept. 8th: Red Bull Big Tune Kick-Off (flyer)
The War Room
722 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122
Featuring DJ Maseo of De La Soul and special guests
9pm, 21+, $5 cover

Tuesday, Sept. 9th:  Educational Outreach – Producer workshop with Jake One & Vitamin D
Vera Project
305 Harris Street, Seattle, WA 98109
4pm – 6pm
Free and All Ages

Red Bull Big Tune Film Premiere (flyer)
Screening and Live performance by Brainstorm of Dyme Def with special guest DJ DV-One
412 N. 36th Street, Seattle WA 98103
9pm, 21+, $5 cover

Wednesday, Sept. 10th:  Youth Workshop with “Aim for Peace” program
Buttermilk Studios
1108 13th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
4pm – 5:30pm
Free and All Ages

Thursday, Sept. 11th: Red Bull Big Tune In-Store featuring Black Milk & Elzhi
1112 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98101
4pm – 5:30pm
Free and All Ages

Friday, Sept. 12th: Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle (flyer)
Beat Battle and special performances from Elzhi & Black Milk
925 E. Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122
8pm, All Ages, $5 cover

See y’all there…

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